Challenge #280 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: milk and honey

Pure Entries

  • Clever Oaf
    Pure Entry.

  • fambros
    Pure entry:

  • REiKo Rhoemer
    Breakfast … the Martian style.

  • relledom
    This is neither milk nor honey…

  • RobertT
    “Every Precious Drop”

  • TyFric
    Milk: It does a body good

  • zapwow
    Milk vs Honey
    Non-Participating Entries

  • The Last Rookie
    I propably will not finish this as 3D art in time, but i have done a fast sketching of my idea:

I love RobertT’ s entry!
Great entries all!

I dont understand what Tyfrics entry is???..
is that a jar of salt… or milk? … where is the honey!?!
I voted for RobertT… its awsome! =D

REiKo Rhoemer got my vote. I like the humor.

Thanks, Teld.

I only modelled, what I have seen on Sunday morning :):slight_smile:

It’s a milk bottle. I couldn’t come up with anything too interesting for this topic so I just made a t-shirt for the model I happened to start on the weekend. It does a body good is an old milk marketing slogan.

Zapwow’s Cow has a ton of emotion for so simple an image, but Reioko’s was more attractive visually…

Tough one for sure.

I have to give it to Zapwow, I absolutely love this picture. Excellent composition and concept. It’s so clean and easy to look at.

This was extreemly difficult to vote on.

Clever Oaf: Nice work with the textures, lighting, DOP and realism.

fambros: Great design, looks like something an advertising agency would use to promote a product.

REiKo Rhoemer: I like this very much. So clean and fresh. I like the colors too with the lighting. You got my vote.

relledom : Good work with the DOP and realism.

TyFric : Wow, I hope you didn’t spend your entire weekend on this. Seems like a lot of work doing a person, the hair, renderings etc… Nice job.

RobertT : As usual. You have another grand masterpiece for the weekend challenge. You probably get tired of hearing that. :evilgrin:

zapwow: Cute rendering. I like it. I my kid wants your permission to use it as wallpaper.

The Last Rookie: Nice concept there. I didn’t get enough time to make my rendering either. It was going to be a fat disgusting Bee with cow utters (with pimples) flopping around with four hands squirting milk and honey. Technically, the bee would be spitting out honey, oh well.

haha go for it, spin, i’m honored.

fambros: Great design, looks like something an advertising agency would use to promote a product.
Thanks, my concept was exactly this


Winner: REiKo Rhoemer with 23% of the votes



Congrats REiKo Rhoemer!

I think I’m gonna try to develop my entry into a more polished product…

Seven submissions and yet, three of them were heavily competing. This was a real weekend challenge. Congrats REiKo Rhoemer!

Thanks, all. I am really looking forward to your entries at this weekend. I have submitted really nice theme for it ;).

Edit: Congratulations to all others, it was hard this time and all the entries were nice.

Thanks Spin, I had a few days off for Easter so I finally had a chance to try something more complex (Even if it was only VERY loosely related to the theme)

Congratulations Reiko.

I voted Reiko reformer (though I may have voted too late)
Good job all, creative entries from many :slight_smile: