Challenge #285 (04/25/08) CLOSED

Theme #285 for 25 April 2008 is: Dead End

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 28 April 2008.

“ESCAPE From Dying Planet”

Pure in Blender 2.45. Some textures in GIMP 2.4.4.

Link to the image:
Link to thumbnail:

I may have skip to this one, but I cant understand why my picture wasent included in last weeks voting.


Bogey, off to



I am doing a tut (yep a noob), but maybe I can come up with something…

** Tentative Placeholder** (Cue in - Britney Spears “Oups, I Did It Again”).

rebogey, I dont know, there are no picture in the previous thread under your post, maybe something went wrong on the upload…

Good luck everyone!

Here’s my Entry, 100% Blender: If Life Is A Highway:

Edit2: New pic, the previous one had procedural bleed through.

Thanks Tom Cochran for the music :RocknRoll:
Ground Texture free from CG Texture, procedural from the repository or by me.

Thanks all for watching, take care :slight_smile:

P.S.: robogey, I get it… but that “pppp” wasnt done in Blender :stuck_out_tongue:

this is my first time entering one of these comps
i made it using only blender
hope you like it

Pure Blender
Tytytytyty to Jeepster for giving me an idea that was so good I couldn’t stand using my own :smiley:

I can’t play this week I gotta work 8 ( Good luck guys

Lets see if I can actually finish my entry this time. Nice theme. I’m in.

>> Placeholder <<

I am in a tight corner, but let’s see if I can work out something.

And here it is.

Title: 6000000
Pure Blender

To prevent rumors: no, I am not a neo Nazi.


DarkDays66, thats funny, I can see it ok on this one. Have you got text enabled.

Sorry, its my strange sense of humor.


Title: #@%*&

Hope you all like it. Cheers.


Here’s mine… it’s fairly simplistic… but dark…

Dead End!
Pure Entry

“Where Nothing Grows”