Challenge #288 (05/16/08) CLOSED

(theeth) #1

Theme #288 for 16 May 2008 is: Life is what you make it

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 19 May 2008.

(dirtyBlender) #2

Fly LyfeStyle
Blender 2.45RC5 (Everything but the sky)
Terragen v0.9 (Sky)

Full Render:


(leojS) #3

[ran out of time, sorry :(]

(captainalan) #4
Rendered indigo, very very minimal post process editing in GIMP

(AdamTM) #5

Life is what you make it - quite literally

reference picture attatched

Pure entry


(REiKo Rhoemer) #6

“Tangle of Life”

Pure in Blender 2.45. Minor postprocessing in GIMP 2.4.4.

Link to the image:
Link to thumbnail:

(W_o_E) #7

Life is definitely what you make it


(Lilgrudgeboy) #8

possible place holder(im bussy kinda)

(Modron) #9

Holding the placer please.

(fort ash) #10

I took some time and made an image.
This is my first time in these contests.
Hope you like it.
![ barn.jpg]( barn.jpg)
Life is what you make it…

(Pörzi) #11


This entry is pure.
I used Yafray.
And I don’t really have anything else to say about it. :smiley: Hope you like it.


Edit: I updated the picture

(Enos Shenk) #12

First WC Ive entered in years. I was suddenly inspired! Pure entry, small bit of photoshop for title/post. If life is what I make of it, I make beer. Thumbnail for voting: Full view link:

(Friday13) #13

Welcome back, Enos_Shenk!

Now, I like the topic, a lot. But I didn’t have the motivation to do something with it over the weekend. I have the idea, and I have the finished result in my mind… but I’ll save it for the future :wink:

(Ninjitzue) #14

It sucks I know, but here’s some comic relief :slight_smile:

Submitted by the Roadkill Restoration Dept.

(sebastian_k) #15

i thought i’d take this challenge and came up with a not so happy (yet hopefully beautiful) interpretation…:eyebrowlift2:


(sebastian_k) #16

i did another screencast for the challenge

(dirtyBlender) #17

Exceptional work, sebastian_k. And a totally engrossing video to go along with it.

Inspirational talent. Thanks for showing us!

(RobertT) #18

“Going Green to Survive”


(sebastian_k) #19

wow robertT, that looks awesome!! the thing is, i don’t really see what it is. a grasshopper? a spaceship? but nevertheless it is beautiful work!
@dirtyBlender: thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

(sebastian_k) #20

@dirtyBlender: just saw your piece: great concept and a very nice idea!
cute! and a very viewer-friendly decision to not go photorealistic with the fly’s parcel of “land”:smiley:
btw.:i saw your other works too, that you posted over at cgtalk: all very humorous and creative ideas with a unique and nice style. i love them!