Challenge #289 (05/23/08) CLOSED

Theme #289 for 23 May 2008 is: Anticipation

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 26 May 2008.

i cant wait! >_<

pure entry, cropped+title in photoshop


Possible Placeholder. Might not have enough time to do it this time though. I will try though!!

possible place holder

…but I won’t have anymore time this weekend, so this is the best it will get…:frowning:

Pure entry

I have been finding it difficult to get these in on time lately ( sorry ), but a place holder just in case I do manage to find the time.

i should do a glass ketchup bottle… reminds me of that commercial… anticipation

Place holder maybe!

[ placeholder ]…
[ placeholder ]…
[ placeholder ]…

Hopefully Theeth will sleep in and give my computer a little more time to crunch this render out.
I guess the AO values are exponential :slight_smile:

“Lights, Riff, Audience: Solo!”

Pure Blender entry. Shoe was based on mesh from a much earlier project of mine (“Two Boots”).


WC 289 Anticipation:

I’m waiting to see all the other entries (still mostly placeholders), but RobertT’s render is full of win.

Rock on, RobertT! Very clean and pure entry. Man, I like the quality of your work. That orange plastic material is sweeet.

… i’m hoping i can compete against that pic… that’s if my render finishes baking in time…

good luck!

Oh… and Gimble… that bunny shot hurts my eyes :slight_smile: That grass and fur is cool.

Here’s my entry.