Challenge #29 Entries (13/12/02) CLOSED

(theeth) #1

Theme #29 for 13 december 2002 is: Under the chrismas tree

Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 16 december 2002.

(Idgas) #2

Here is my PURE entry, all textures done by blender, all models done by me. :smiley:
URL Click here for bigger pic

(sonix) #3

I was loathing this theme since October… bah humbug.

Still here’s my pure entry for this month, sorry again for the link, I’m still unsure how to post a thumbnail here.

(Only OSA 5 due to too many dupliverts for my computer to cope.)

Merry humbug to all. :smiley:


(Enos Shenk) #4


Sonix im glad you won the week before last, otherwise i wouldnt have stood a chance against you.
(of course technically if you hadnt won, the theme wouldnt have been towns and cities, and i wouldnt have won that, but thats beside the point)

(ScottishPig) #5

Grrr. I’ll do the we/c next week. I forgot. =(

(digitalSlav) #6

ok ok i found the time - an hour to be exact :slight_smile:

Season’s Greetings to all!

forgot to mention this is PURE

(Anton42) #7

I wanted to do something outdoors, so I blew my chance to play with envmapped spheres :slight_smile:

This one is as pure as it gets. Took me about 2 hours to get it all, and then about 2 more hours for “polishing” (which may be a complete waste of time). Enjoy.

Click to view the full image.

(digitalSlav) #8

anton you need to find a better host - would love to see your picture but it’s only downloading at .1kbs maybe lower which would take roughly 15 mins for only 74k :frowning: if you need some place to stash it let me know. i’ll post it if need be. just leave me a private message.

(BMD) #9

AAAHHHH i can’t participate! i don’t have a image hosting webpage… tried but it’s not doing anything…


(sonix) #10

BMD, sign up for a free account at

The only limit is 350kb per imageand a max of 3 uploads per day, but that’s it . Blender entries go in the other apps gallery.

Did I mention it’s FREE?

This is where I throw my challenge entries up.