Challenge #3 Voting (Part 2) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Yikes! Two poll threads this week, since we have too many entries for the poll options! You may vote in both polls - The winner is the entrant with the highest result in either thread (ie. one winner, with the greatest number of votes). Ties will be resolved as per the rules.

This week’s theme: destruction

Pure Entries
you dam kids and your destruction ::shakes cain!:: :wink:
this entry is pure, with tiny tiny bit’o photoshop smudge(grass blades, big thanks to basse for the grass tips =P)
geez, this pic was hard… it was a bitch to get them explosions to look good, and dont get me started on the texturing, lol…im mostly happy with how the rocket trails turned out…

NASA news:
This picture have been taken recently at 2200 GMT in the space by a undamaged station. Some South America and Middle-East have been evaluated.
— What NASA haven’t revealed that the earth is about to be facing the destruction unless they invent something extraordinary to defeat themselves… —
This picture is completely PURE entry.

Check out my entrie, the can took about 10 minutes to model. All other time was spent on texturing. The soda took forever to make it look good, it still doesn’t look as good as i would like. It was done completly in blender and textured in the gimp.

Here is my entry for this challenge. It was completly done in Blender. The textures for the earth I have from

:smiley: :smiley: My first entry :smiley: :smiley:
ok… this is a building in a storm getting hit by lightning and creating a fire…
this is a pure entry. All modelling is done in blender and textures are all procedural except for the walls of the building.
this is my first entry to the weekly competitions. I’ve been using blender for about three weeks now and the image took me about 1 and a half hours to create. This is not yet the final image and some feedback is extremely welcome. (i will probably get 0 votes but hey!! who cares. it was fun…).
ok…i updated my pic… added some puddles and put in a bit of blur…

This is some of the scariest destruction to think of right now !!!
This entry is pure.
This was done completely in Blender completely with particles, the only non-particle object is the ground. All textures are procedural and the only post process is a little motion blure on the shock wave in GIMP. There are around 50,000 particles in this image.

My first entry
This entry is pure…
Can anyone hear me? America’s matter-antimatter engine has just blown up, sending out great waves of gamma rays, obliterating everything it touches. copy & paste this address.

Destruction of the planet by a rather slower method.
This is a pure entry.

Ok here’s mine :smiley:
Didn’t feel like destroying Earth so I chose the other important thing in my life :-?
All Blender, some textures made with Photoshop and Windows2k :o

Me tooo!!!
Quick pure Blender render, expressly made for the challenge.
15/20 mins modelling lot more for rendering (grr… softlight my way is so slow…)

this picture took me 12 minutes to render…damn…I really want a ultra fast computer…I almost missed the deadline!

Unlike nearly everyone else, I’m not trying to destroy the world…
Pure. Everything’s new, and apart from a 70 pixel bitmap, it’s 100% blender.


:o And you thought voting was tough last week!

(blengine) #2

wow, there are plenty of extrememly wonderfuk entries entered this week…errr…voting…hard…errr…

(SKPjason) #3

@ce never ceases to impress me with his farked up visions… :wink: Good luck big guy.

(blengine) #4

SKPjason, why didnt u enter! u would nail us all to the floor with yer entry! u rock with particles!

(ectizen) #5

With voting closed, we have a tie: 15 votes each to imgranpaboy and DreamMaster!

It looks like we’ll need to bring out the tiebreaker:

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And the winner is: imgranpaboy!