Challenge #30 Voting CLOSED

(theeth) #1

This week’s theme: End of level bosses

Pure Entries

Enos shenk[list:0543d75944]
A boss of what might be a Final Fantasy 7 shooter, the Airbuster 2002.

Thats my killerduck DAISY
its a female endboss.

The boss… thing… lost one arm in battle, and the legs too.

Well here is mine, its for a game i’m creating so I thought i would join in on this one
and now i have a boss


(Enos Shenk) #2

You might want to fix your pic lightning. I cant imagine youll get many votes if your entry doesnt show up.

Oh yeah, amazing texturing snailrose.

But sparc gets my vote for pure hilarity. A death duck…brilliant

(Gr8RedShark) #3

lightning, the link to your Boss101 is broken or something. I could not view it.

(sonix) #4

Snailrose, you get my vote this week.

Those textures are awsome… and I’m glad you now have an ‘end of level boss’.


(theeth) #5

winner with 59% of the votes: Snailrose!