Challenge #300 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Space Invaders

Pure Entries

  • blend’n 4 jesus
    The aliens are fast coming toward earth and the view from our official telescope proves it

  • BlendRoid
    “Calling in the Reinforcements”

  • Cyborg Dragon
    The Thing

  • Elendil
    Each summer they come with reinforcements … There’s no more space when they are here because they are …

  • Friday13
    This Space for Invasion

  • FrozenPaw
    “Space Invaders… draw circles.”

  • g60
    Space bar invaders

  • Modron
    Invasion of the Cute Fuzzy Things from Space

  • PneumaPilot

  • REiKo Rhoemer
    “Invade Earth !”

  • rEndeavor
    Deep Space Invasions

  • Rore
    Ender’s Game?

  • Tys
    Space Invader

  • whitepickle

Wrong caption! :stuck_out_tongue:
So, copy & paste from my entry on the challenge thread:
" - So, I heard you enjoyed shooting our spaceships, Mr Human …

  • B… b… but … it was just a game! "

(Ender’s Game was just a joke for the people that may have read that book, but I suppose they’re not a majority. Next time I won’t make side jokes, so no caption problem I hope :D)

Hey, I got the joke. :smiley:

I read enders game last week :slight_smile:

I have to say, all the entries were pretty decent! However, in the end I voted for Modron, his render had a nice, crisp, clean proffesional feel to it.

On second look at all the images, I really love the different interpretations this topic got :slight_smile:


I saw you waz in the shapeways thing
you shoulda got the top ten yerself sooo poopy you didnt even get in!

you gotta win this!!!

My vote is for Rore. Of all the entries, his is the one that I would most like to have the skill to be able to recreate. Also, the beautiful simplicity of the 50’s era ray-gun and the subtlety of the image on the shirt really set it apart.

Nice job Cyborg Dragon! :smiley:

Seems like voters are going for sheer scale of the entries more then anything else this time around, can’t read them and knowing exactly what they’ll vote for is nearly impossible for many WC’s.

Nice job Cyborg Dragon!

I’d take that as a good sign, as my entry started as making a random shape using only the bevel tool and removing doubles and as I got the paneled look, I thought it would make a good WC 300 entry. The panel texture is a normal map I created in MapZone.

I decided to go with reiko’s… because of the detail.

This was a fun one to vote on! Unfortunately, I had only one vote and spent it on an umbrella.

I voted for Reiko, for overall kick-ass-ness.

I’m surprised that Reiko is winning, actually. Though the modeling is very cool, the lighting and colors really put me off.

I would vote for either Rore or rEndeavor, but I don’t much like voting in contests I’m in. :smiley:

Getting one vote was my objective, so thank you sundialsvc4 !

My vote went for Modron, for the simplicity and the humour of its entry…

I have to agree with BlendRoid about Reikos entry. I especially like that lensflare effect but that’s just my opinion.

Voted for Elendil as he has a nice twist on the topic with a nice execution.

For this contest it is very hard to make the “right” entry. You got the theme and there is a lot of possibilities to make a theme picture. The problem is, that sometimes the voters like funny pics, sometimes they like realistic entries, sometimes they like crazy entries that dont have any meaning :). And every week, there is random set of voters with random feelings.

So it is almost impossible to make an entry and know that you will win - it is not a matter of professionality too, I think. I personally use this contest for practicing my fantasy, my modeling and texturing skills. And I am trying to make it look professional, so I can add it to my personal portfolio.

Anyway, from all WC I had been competing I have a large amount of different materials, models, node settings and a large “database” of unfinished and cancelled entries. These things makes my future work much faster ;).

And thanks for all your votes, guys.

Very nice entries!!!

I don’t know if this is the place to do this, but can I request that some of you give my submission a critique? :slight_smile: Thanks

@FrozenPaw - I like the overall composition, but the glow is too flat. I would consider using nodes to add a glow filter. Also, it’s a bit dark. A hint of AO might be good.

Modron: I did set the AO, even up to 1.2 for the render… I just couldn’t get the lighting right. Is there a type of light or setting on a light to just lighten the entire scene?