Challenge #303 (08/29/08) CLOSED

Theme #303 for 29 August 2008 is: Internal Struggle

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 1 September 2008.

Young Again

I use makehuman for the model.



Hi Evbody!

Here is my “Internal Struggle” entry. Pure Blender.
Full size (1024x768):

“Sticky Gears”

Been awhile since I’ve entered one of these…

Hmmm… I’ve tried posting an entry yesterday, for some reason it did not work, so here’s another try for “pure Blender” category:
Full size image at:

Hi Evbody! I have had some strange tech difficulties posting my entry - I hope I dont end up with multiple copies of the same post :wink:
Here is my entry to “pure Blender” category:
And the full size image:

Heh… BA newbies seem to have a hard life in here :wink: I tried posting my entry three times, without success (“your post is awaiting moderators action”) - only to read in another thread that the BA system seems to be kicking out posts with links submitted by newbies. How cool :wink:

So, while I risk ending up with multiple copies of the same post in here, I’m quite determined to try my first attempt at the WC - now without any external links :wink:
And the full size version attached.


Being that I am still catching up to my steep learning curve I figured I would give this weekends contest a shot…


I went with something archetypal…
100% pure


The system is not kicking those posts out. They are just invisible until approved by a moderator (takes usually less than a day).