Challenge #303 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Internal Struggle

Pure Entries

Voting for radulan. I like how each face seems to be struggling against the weight of the other. The sneer is almost being tugged up into a smile at the corners and the smile seems like it’s no longer one of joy, but simply a facade that is hiding that other face.

Not sure if that effect was intended, but it certainly comes across that way to me.

Thanks, I’ll admit that when I came up with the idea i knew I wanted the faces to be offset one above the other, joined and that the angry face would have more shadow. As for the expressions I sculpted them till they looked right, I didn’t want to over or understated them too much.

Hi Radulan.

Cute idea, and really nice result :cool:. You’ve got my vote, too.


I liked aiworks… nice idea…

I really liked penitentman’s, but ultimately voted for aiworks for the wires. Cool wires…

Winner: Radulan with 40% of the votes



congrats radulan…

Thank you, This is the first one I’ve won.

right on, congrats, man.
(edit) don’t forget to message the new topic to theeth.

It is already Sunday and there is no challenge for me :(. I hope there happened no accident to Martin or Radulan.

Oh geez… Fumbled the ball…

It’s ok, we’ll just skip this week, it happens. :slight_smile:



Maybe make it a week-long thing this time, instead? More time, more fun :wink:


Should’ve used a topic from the bozo bin, theeth :stuck_out_tongue:

I can relate to “Sticky Gears.” :slight_smile:

don’t sweat it, radulan, lots of people have forgotten that. it’s a long tradition.

My weekend was absolutely boring. Suspense of Weekend Challenge has broken my weekend routine :D.

I guess I have to win again to make up for it :slight_smile: