Challenge #304 (09/12/08) CLOSED

You’ve angered the Ochu!

I ran out of time while still modeling, but if I don’t post it now, I never will. The joints between the vines and the body are unfinished, it’s not yet textured, the petals aren’t attached properly, the roots need work . . . Anyhow, if I get more time before the deadline, I’ll try to touch it up.

Oh, if you haven’t seen them before, Ochu are from a number of Final Fantasy games. Mine doesn’t do them justice.

If the second render is too small, please ignore it. (Oh, and remind me never to play with mblur and AO on my laptop again . . .)


“Man, now there’s a crazy flower!”

2pm, I believe, but entries may close later, it depends on whether theeth is here on time. :rolleyes:

Thanks :slight_smile: now I have time to learn how to uv wrap I thinks.
Pure entry.

Everything was made new, except for the guy. Made him a couple weeks ago, but haad to change it a bit. And add a shirt.

Face stealers!!

radscientist, think of it this way: the skin of your model is like a tailored suit, but with no seams, so, your job, is to place the seams in such a way, that the suit can be laid out flat, like a sewing pattern. once you’ve made the seams, go into edit mode, hit ‘U’, then choose ‘unwrap’. If you have problems with visible seams, check out my mini tut in the blender tests subforum.

A crazy unorthodox way of making a flower, what the center was the only thing that was actually modeled!?

This is a pure entry since the pattern was made with Blender’s lights on 3 layers and composited. Don’t forget the caption above the picture for this WC.

A Blooming Peyote Button Cactus in a glazed Burro Planter. Made entirely in blender because I fail epically at gimp and uv texturing…

the thumb:
the big picture(800*600, 36kb)


Aspirations to rule the world.

Pure blender :slight_smile:


The deadline’s still 7 hours away. :slight_smile:

Whoops! For some reason I thought it was 00:00 UTC. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Small amount of post-pro in gimp, but mostly blender playing with the particle system.

There’s a place, where flowers of Shangri-la blossom all four seasons. Even though the place is on Earth, you can ride a star to get there. The place is real. The place is Lille.

[Pure blender, textures edited in PS]


“How I wish I, too, could be beautiful,” thought the flower foolishly…

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A pure entry.


lots of people competing this week, right arm, man.