Challenge #304 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Crazy Flowers

Pure Entries

  • aiWorks
    Flowers of Shangri-la

  • Blenderist
    Pure entry.

  • Cyborg Dragon
    A crazy unorthodox way of making a flower

  • DartGuy
    Pure Blender

  • DracoFodder
    my entry

  • emu
    A Stupid Sunflower

  • Hugh Manatee
    A Blooming Peyote Button Cactus in a glazed Burro Planter.

  • IAmThisGuy
    Face stealers!!

  • Jango Fett
    This is my entry:

  • kkrawal
    my entry.

  • Koryo
    You’ve angered the Ochu!

  • Modron
    My crazy flower is based on Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcocks ‘Psycho’

  • Nat
    A crazy skydiving flower…

  • penitentman

  • RedJay
    “Man, now there’s a crazy flower!”

  • REiKo Rhoemer
    “Crazy Flowers”

  • RobertT
    “How I wish I, too, could be beautiful,” thought the flower foolishly…

  • Vuurstorm
    Flower Wrestling Feduration

  • ward7299
    flowers in a padded room. they all crazy now.

  • Woodman5k
    Aspirations to rule the world.

  • ymapo
    Survival of the fittest
    Non-Participating Entries

  • Radulan
    Daffy! Temper temper

Woodman5k, yours is creepy scary…

Fear is the first step towards world domination…

ymapo I love your concept!

Holy shnizzlebits, that’s a lot of entries this week!

Modron gets my vote. I really like the overall texturing and feel of your image.

Nice work as usual everyone!

Thanks woodman5k!

I’m kinda wondering how so many entries were attracted… I could say topic, but I’ll refrain. Good showing of everyone… I’ll admit I wonder what place I would’ve been voted into…

Theeth, you have exceded your stored private message quota, so I cannot send you the topic.
Thanks for the votes, guys, I voted for RobertT.

It’s customary to wait for Theeth to send you a note asking for the new topic… which doesn’t usually happen until after voting is closed sometime Thursday night.


hey RoberT how did you make that blue-ish kind of glowing light?

spectre7, no, that is not a custom, and I am not declaring victory. Because it appears as though I will likely win, I sent Theeth the topic, should I win. If I do not win, mine will not be the topic. However, the main thing, is that if Theeth doesn’t empty his inbox, he won’t get the topic, be it a reply to a message from him, or not. btw, I have won several of these things, and that is always the way I do it. It keeps things moving along. That is my custom.

Actually, I believe he’d notice that his box is full, since you can’t send PMs with a full box (AFAIK).

No offense, but I think your custom could easily be misinterpreted (especially when announced in an open forum). I won’t speak for anyone else, but to me, it certainly looked like you were declaring victory, and if I were competing, I would likely have a few unkind feelings toward you at the moment.

Take care.

well, spectre7, I was merely trying to be helpful, so take a chill pill.

People of the blender community, do you want an elitist such as Modron who says, and I quote, “btw, I have won several of these things, and that is always the way I do it.” I say it is time for change! Vote Woodman5k in this coming weekend challenge.

Stop squabling children. I voted for Modron, funniest one there. I also loved Blenderist’s whos entry was very elegent.

i reallyy liked penitments :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhhh politics :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew it, Woodman is secretly John Mccain!

…and he claims he can’t even use the internet! LIES!

You can tell he photoshopped out the jowells on his avatar.

The economy is strong!