Challenge #307 (10/03/08) CLOSED

Theme #307 for 3 October 2008 is: Live for Speed

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 6 October 2008.

this is my first time here,but sign me up!!!
100% blender, internal rendering


Tag, got an idea…

Im in,


heres my entry, i apologise heaps because it is so underdone, and i could have done a lot with it, but i didnt have much time. anyway, 100% blender…


Since I’ve been kinda batman related I thought the Batmobile would do the trick.
Same pure modeling, same pure blender.


My entry: The life of an aviator.
By Ben
… a bit of practice for the upcoming modelling life competition. Hopefully I’ll have the time to enter.

had a couple of hours so though I would enter :slight_smile:
Full Size

Live for SPEED!

PURE: Blender, with Yafray engine

“Like GHz for Overclockers”

Pure entry.