Challenge #309 (10/17/08) CLOSED

Theme #309 for 17 October 2008 is: Kung Fu Chicken

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 20 October 2008.

place feather

Hey, Modron. I liked your idea in voting thread, so be free to make Shrink Wrapped Kung Fu Chicken :D.

Place holder

I was just joking about the shrinkwrap ( new shrinkwrap modifier ) but I have seen lots of shrinkwrapped chickens.

“Way of the Chicken Fists”

Pure entry.


Gah, run out of time. Not entirely satisfied with it but here it is.

The headless chicken stance

blender, rendered in indigo, postpro gimp, converted with convert


Kung-Fu Chicken

100% pure blender, node post-pro.

say it: wtf.

Kung Fu Chicken… I liked the topic so much I just had to do something…

do the crane, chicken boy.