Challenge #31 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Descent Into Madness

Pure Entries

I took lots of time to do it cause I wanted it to be perfect. You’ll be surprised by the quality of the pic. And yes, all the texture are procedural. I played alot with them to have this great effect. I hope everyone will like it and yes I was joking

Well- I WAS going to try harder, add shadows, etc… but I realised it is due in 10 minutes, so here

Tough theme this weekend.

Here is my entry


damn … hard voting…

that monk’s slider pic is something I have long wanted to see here at elysiun… surrealistic dream like landscapes… there should be more of that stuff… that would have gotten my vote instantly, but… there just wasn’t enough “madness” in it…

and scottishpig’s entry is really way cool, the elevator idea… I love that, and the combination of reality and surreal… shame that you didn’t have time for those shadows…

but … sonixsculpts total madness spin just … well, it’s just hits you in the face, there was nothing I could do but to vote for it… … good job.


I agree with basse,
although i’m not so sure if it is pure blender,
Sonixsculpt’s pic impresses me the most.

You have my vote!
(Gimli: and myyyy AXE! :D)

  • Stungun

Oh well. I came, I saw, I lost.

Thank you, basse. I am glad that you like it. I did receive helpful input from Appolonius, Enos Shenk, Gimble, Kerosene, and RogerM3D on #BlenderChat. We tossed a lot of ideas around… The chrome orbs started as a joke because I could not decide on what to do for the foreground land and messed with the checkers…

My initial thought for the contest was to do a baby in a birth canal… What is more mad than life, right? But I could not really come up with a good scene for that, and the modelling of the baby would have been very time consuming for me–I am still a newb.

So I did a slide. In that, there is no madness. It is just an image… But I started thinking more and more about it. The slide was the ‘descent into madness.’ So people suggested putting something at the bottom of slide… But I was thinking that when you go mad, you do not really go anywhere… It is a state of mind. So I sort liked that you end up in the same physical place where you were… Shift in perspective, right? Maybe I have thought about this too much. But it was a fun theme.

Winner with 51% of the votes: Sonixsculpt!