Challenge #310 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Recalling Sacrifice

Pure Entries

  • Jeepster
    Recalling Sacrifice

  • REiKo Rhoemer
    “Agnus Dei”

  • relledom
    well, here is my entry, not too good, but a first start after long time…

  • Sammaron
    “Pinky, being defended by big blue, from el flaming rojo”

nice job REiKo Rhoemer that looks nice

same here REiKo Rhoemer

Relledom would get my vote if that person was in HEV suit. Because he isn’t, I voted for Kališ.

Thanks for votes, guys. Actually I was inspired by Jeepster´s entry :D.

voted for Jeepster, just liked the feel of it, lighting and textures, but feel the background were not up to the same standard as the actual statue, not getting the tire treads for wings reference?

Reiko, nice imagery, with such a tight schedule getting anything more than the main idea down is a mission, beautiful modeling of the crown, would like to see this with better lighting and textures.

Im not sure but Jeepster did you just cut out an Image of a Statue then make it look rendered onto the stand cus it looks entirely photo shopped

Winner: Jeepster with 50% of the votes



woah that was a close one :eek: & nice work REiKo Rhoemer!

Mosh, haha no, its not a photo (heres a screenie )

thanks for the votes guys :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Jeepster. And thanks for votes too.

I am looking forward to new theme ;).