Challenge #339 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Aquarium

Pure Entries

  • electricbill
    Here’s my try at the challenge, tricky but I quite enjoyed it.

  • Modron
    Honey, have you seen the cat?

  • Morichalion

  • rebogey
    Gone Fishing
    Non-Participating Entries

    Time for a bigger tank.

I would have voted for Helix, but he’s got his ikkie fingers in too many pie’s anyway…

Thanks Rarebit…I think? lol

I’m not going to say who I voted for 'cause they were all soooo good. It was another tough decision.

Almost thought id cracked it. I will admit I had to try to use gimp to finish the tex map for the perch.
Even then I resorted to psp. Couldn’t get the hang of alpha trans in tex paint mode.
Bogey 97.5% Pure Blender

looks like another nail biter

Can we have a new polling system where we get two votes, one is worth two points and the other only one?

they’re neck and neck, folks…the anticipation is mounting…who will it be? WHO WILL IT BE?..???

Winner: rebogey with 36% of the votes



That was like 4 votes in the last hour. Very close poll this time. Kudos, rebogey!

vell done sir

I guess perseverance is a virtue. Thanks for all the votes. theeths got the subject for this week.
Good luck everyone.


congrats rebogey, it was a fearsome struggle which left us all scarred and maimed, but in the end it was you who clawed your way to the top…fighting through the oxygen deprivation, hallucinations, and other terrifying obstacles, to plant your banner here at the apex of this epic ascent.

Thanks Modron. I tried to make it a three way tie for first at the last minute, but something went pear shaped. I suppose if you deduct three points for having to use psp, it works out about right.


ps. You should see the latest boat. Later