Challenge #344 (10/07/09) CLOSED

Theme #344 for 10 July 2009 is: Industrial

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 13 July 2009.

Ohh wonderful what an awesoeme theme…
I think my pic will be of an industrial workers home…im thnking industrial revolution in america

Arcology: Industrial Settlement

Just broke my wrist! ow…

im sorry rarebit…i know your pain :frowning:

Are you serious? How did you break your wrist?

and more importantly what effect will this have on your blendering abilities?

A broken wrist wouldn’t stop me from participating in this one. Awesome topic OrchidFace. Are you going to do a non-participating?

thanks helix. I’m excited to see some gritty machinery or textile architecture (or whatever other direction people want to take). If I get some rush of inspiration I’ll do a non-participating but probably not. I’m working on another project right now. Hopefully I’ll be done just in time to participate in next weeks weekend challenge. I’d like to start being a regular.

Here is my entry:


Here’s my entry so far, the first thing that came to mind for “Industrial” was an old back entrance to a factory in an alleyway :slight_smile:

The Industrial Alley

Pure Blender


The Industrial Gush

Pure Blender

Mass Production or Breeding?

When I read the Theme the first thing that came to my mind was Chaplin’s Modern Times, and the fatory he worked in the movie. Then I remembered how all that stuff is automatizated nowadays, and I came up with this:

Pure Blender

I will be entering as well. Here is what I have so far… not much, but I’m practicing my modeling.

(It’s a drill bit)

Well here it is with some more stuff done, Sadly I think that’s all I have time for this weekend. I’m still pretty new to this (as you can tell by the render :slight_smile: ) so any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Oh amiller,
i would say we have the same textures in our image.
(look at your background and on the first building on the left side of my render xD)


get well soon



Thanyou all,

I may not be able to tie my laces, but I did get something blendered last night, not much because it was a laptop and the keys ain’t laid out so nice, also my sound effects don’t translate to binary too well.

mmm, a break and a fracture at the end of my radius, it had ‘shrunk’ so they needed a good pull of the arm, that didn’t work, so it’s surgery tomorrow and a small plate… then 6 weeks recovery. How it happened, daft… I’ll do an animation soon, just wished someone had caught me on video do my pilchard impression.


here is mine. Hope you like. So much time since my last entry here.
Good luck everyone!
edit: btw, pure blender entry

Well, here is my entry: “Refinery”.

Hope you like it.

Get well soon, rarebit!


Here’s my entry, “Blend-O-Matic”

Nothing special except hours of modeling, and I used physics for the contents of the feeder bowls. Pure except for a couple of the textures done in psp.