Challenge #344 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Industrial

Pure Entries

i like toms

very cool entries everyone.

It’s a fascination so the good ol’ Rube Goldberg has too take it!

p.s. can we see a run of the sim pls shelix?

That sounds like fun rarebit, I may see if I can get it to run.

How’s your wrist? Did you get some good meds?

I like the title of mine :slight_smile:
Next time I guess I should come up with a title when I post it…

Comments and criticism are extremely welcome BTW…

Okay, I admit it… I went for the corny stupid Blender joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is if anyone is interested. I had to keep it simple 'cause I don’t have ten years to spend on it. Make sure you have the volume on 'cause it keeps getting cornier and stupider. :eyebrowlift:

I like, and appreciate the drill bit, I think you should just have more detail. At least in the drill itself since it’s the main “character”. Like the splines in the chuck and such. BYW, you can vote for yourself.

Yeah, I know, but mine wasn’t the best…so I didn’t :slight_smile:

I have titles and concepts before putting tip to key, I say I can understand titling things untitled, but there’s always something there… Just like the plate i’ll be having implanted tomorrow, can you track those things?


:wink: Helix, m’thinks!

Shoot. I just came back to this thread after several days and now I’m quite behind. Well, good job helix.

Winner: HELIX with 36% of the votes



Thanks for the votes. Here is a hint what the next topic will be…The first letter is “S”, and the rest of the letters are “tringed instrument.” I hope I didn’t give it away.