Challenge #345 (17/07/09) CLOSED

Theme #345 for 17 July 2009 is: Stringed Instrument

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 20 July 2009.

I am glad these guys won’t be participating this challange, otherwise we would have no chance…

AHHH! You beat me to it!!!

lol, we really wouldn’t.

Oh come on, don’t sell yourself short. You’re all legends in my mind.

I agree, everyone on BA is a legend.

I’ll have a think about this today, then I’ll start modelling tonight :slight_smile:

My entry image is the one with shadows (Yaf(a)ray) the other is a blender internal render. the only difference is that Yaf(a)ray doesn’t show bezier curves… so i hoope the texture is clear enough to see strings on the Yaf(a)ray one :slight_smile:

EDIT2: re-rendering from new angles and a few adjustments:) (in Yaf(a)ray of course)

EDIT: or am I allowed to use GIMP to add the strings to the Yaf(a)ray one or not?

BTW. It’s meant to be small… it’s a ukelele

So, finally i present my final. it is the bottom one (render9)


Allright Helix! Lets try to best that instrument in a weekend!!!


I may find time to do this.

[face boulder] (do people do that anymore?)

Final entry


“Twin Guitars”

Please take the 2nd image


Impressive Tom, hard to believe you did that in a day :wink: You put my efforts so far to shame

Yep, I’m a fast worker :slight_smile:

M3ta, I still do the placeholder gag too, but I don’t think anyone else does. Who started that anyway?


L6-S Mid Air Guitar.


ps, my proper entry image is still rendering, since 19.00, half way through and it looks like it will be crap so this one will have to do for now.

pps, One of my favorite guitarists favorite guitars.

Modron, I can’t recall. I’ve never actually finished one of these things and I haven’t participated in too many but people have done that as long as I can remember. Oh and chances of my piece for this weekend getting finished by monday are pretty slim; I was called to work today and I’m on call again tomorrow. I will finish this project, however, it may just be another piece in the finished projects section.

The Infinite Harp: just as music must be.

Try to get more strings than this one!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Changed the environment colors, added some Ray Mirror to the floor and reduced he mist intensity. Still with the out-of-this-world look I wanted. And a more peacefull look.

that’s a really good model, Rodrigo, but i think the texturing looks off

You mean, the colors or something else? I will try to fix it tomorrow, should not be too hard but it is 1:15 of morning here so I am going to sleep. Good night everyone. :slight_smile:

As for your entry I think you can add the strings on gimp but then your entry should be labeled “open”.

Well , here’s what I have so far. I think these contests are definitely helping my modeling and texturing improve. I decided to do a violin cause I wanted to try modeling the scroll… I think it turned out okay. I hope to have the texturing and the little modeling that’s left done by monday night… we’ll see.



Oh, BTW, is it still pure if I use photos for textures? Like from and stuff?

I’m an Idiot… I just remembered that ALT+C converts curves to mesh…

I’m re-rendering my model now :slight_smile:

also to the person above (amiel or something), Yes… you can use textures from photos

Also, just a tip… NEVER EVER render 1,000,000 photon, 4 AA passes, 4 depth, etc Yaf(a)ray at the same time as you are rendering a movie on Sony Vegas pro… Also i have iTunes running… It takes hours :(:(. especially if you are running vista home premium on 2GB of RAM on a laptop… (What I’m doing) It took 4 hours:(