Challenge #345 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Stringed Instrument

Pure Entries

Bit more info on mine before the voting starts.
Guitar body texture was done in Wood Workshop,
and I recycled the robot from a WC a couple of years back.

Its not the freaky one in the news at the moment, but a casualty recovery robot. Hence the cute face, so as not to scare the injured party. Actually if I had put sun glasses on it, it would have looked a lot like one of my other favorite guitarists.
well apart from the ungodly hands, crap tracks, and no surf board.
Anyway great entries, people and astrologers.


ps, not to mention, in no particular order: guinnesses, fleetwood mac fans, clairvoents, trekies, paper modelers, and head and shoulders above the rest of us RobertT.

pps, dont anyone be offended, Im not very big on writing, so its a sort of short hand. Im shattered at the moment, so when ive had some rest explain what I meant, plus the result of the beta testing. I think Ive found three bugs.

Bogey, I’d never knock ya. As legends go, you’re right up there with SRV.

Nice work everyone, voting was tough. It’s nice to see so many good entries…keep it up!

Looks like I have a fan! I allways get a vote that is not my own :stuck_out_tongue:

But this time I just had to go with Modelar’s Harp.

Congrats to RobertT for his blender guru interview.

What I meant, was:-

Tom, Star Trek generations comes to mind. Try random rotation on tuning keys, lighting? Try adding a reflection map of some description.

amiller, Excellent modeling, let down by sub surf on tuning keys especially, try loop edge slide to define edges more. Too much bump, and not enough spec on body texture resulting a paper model look to it.
Triangles subsurfed in chin rest causing artifacts. To much glow on silk. Wood looks ace.
Who wood have thought there were so many classical fans. Good stuff.

jezzabetz, great stuff. I dident know what a ukulele looked like. Unfortunately rendered at that size/res, it looks like the ukulele musician had dandruff. Excellent modeling,

maicrea, great model, you just have to think Guinness, when you look at that. Then again, imagine how many trees/rain forests it might save if we dident bother with skirting boards.

modelar, amazing modeling, obviously a lot of effort went into this. Lighting and texturing could be improved, but this image gets my vote this week.

Radulan, another instrument Im not very familiar with. But this one looks unplayable.

rebogey, wtf is that, oh sorry that’s mine. mth d-.

RobertT, not really my place to crit this. Just about photo real, but does it fit the brief. What is that plastic thing, and why cant I get plastic to look that good, anyway.
Great interview by the way.

RodrigoSidney, Unusual design, and this one reminded me of “The Chain” by fleetwood Mac.

Urth, great modeling, and a ghostly feel to it. Love to see it textured.

WayStar, Think it might sound monotonic, but Im guessing guessing (and I wasent even pee-- then) its a comment on observations suggesting Betelgeuse going nova at some point in the not to distant future, stela speaking. Perhapse it just needs charging up a bit.

apologies for bad grammar, punctuation, spelling and lateness.


ps, If any one knows, or is interested.

Back buffer save, not working in 2.49a, if ever. Would be useful. It may be me but I thought we had the option to save which ever buffer was displayed, in earlier builds.

No view through spotlight, bug not reproducible.

Carve Boolean testing fails to fill all sections of intersect. Fails to remove all internal faces on union, and difference. Still extremely usable as a different solution to blender built in.

Thanks for the comments Rebogey!

This is really the first model I have seriously textured. I was surprised how well the wood on the scroll turned out, but I did notice the wood on the body had a little too much bump map. The cloth was supposed to be a velvety something of some sort, but I ended up going with a glowier effect, not photo real, but I thought it went well with the violins color.

I am still trying to work on my modeling… there are lots of problems in the topology that I don’t like, the scroll turned out to be easy actually, but I still had lots of problems on the body with subsurf and cutting out the f-holes.

amiller, the scroll was the part I was most impressed with and you said it was easy. Can you tell us how you did it?

Bogey, I know mine was non-participating, but where’s my crit?

I enjoyed the interview Robert.

There’s some really amazing modeling and very creative ideas this week.

How is Rarebit. No metion this week.
hope the op went well.


Great works this week and a very detailed comment Rebogey. Thanks a lot!

Nice creations, everyone!

It’s wonderful to see more participants in the weekend challenge!

rebogey: Thanks! That red thing is a guitar string winder :slight_smile:

I often will add, as I did in this piece, a touch of ray reflection to plastic (with a little fresnel) to make it a bit more convincing in appearance.


Wow! I should have looked before voting. That violin is amazing. And I’m very drawn to the hammer dulcimer. And the guitar-playing robot - I love it!

For the scroll, I just looked at it in side view, made a plane, with the edge toward the view, and then I extruded it around the spiral. Then I just moved it outwards from the center along it to make it spiral, then I just connected the spiral layers together… (I hope that made sense helix) I just left the mirror and subsurf modifiers on, so the whole neck and scroll piece is only 214 vertices.

Just in time, but accidentally voted wrong, yes all very good, all looks like a lot of hard work!

Strange, I need to ask for a copy of the x-rays, been to Norfolk for walks in the sand dunes and lot’s of crosswords.

Winner: amiller with 56% of the votes



Congrats amiller, and thanks for the explanation.

I hope you’re feeling better rarebit.