Challenge #346 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Seashells

Pure Entries

The texturing on pad foots and robert t are great…hmmmmm…which is better though???

Had to vote for modelar, this week. Good stuff everyone else.
Im still not 100% but the elephant man impersonations are nearly under control.
Now Ive nearly finished with swine flue imprisonment, I can get it looked at properly, and maybe have a go this weekend.


ps, it wasent my brand new complete set of wisdom teeth, but a missing crown.
Now every time I have cup of tea, half of it ends up under my chin.

Winner: RobertT with 30% of the votes




it was a close one. Nice job everyone. YOUR ALL WINNERS! (accept for anyone who wasn’t RobertT ofcourse.) :slight_smile:

Nice work as always Robert. Congrats!

Yeah… definitely a riveting ride this one… very good ideas all!

Thanks, and congratulations to everyone on a job well done!

I sent Theeth the topic.

It will interesting to see what you can get out of it :wink: