Challenge #347 (31/07/09) CLOSED

Theme #347 for 31 July 2009 is: The Portal

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 10 August 2009.

Note that the challenge runs for a full week this time, as I’ll be away at siggraph until then.

I’ll be GLad to be a placeholder.

The cake is a lie.

this is my first entry, so go easy on me. im not even sure of what to do?
ahh, well here is a rend and a blend, lol

i did all of it in under 10 min!!
even i was amazed.
just quick hollow box with words on it really.


portal.blend (154 KB)

I actually laughed out loud on that one.

Well there is a lovely sticky. But you don’t need to do much. You usually just post your image. According to the sticky your supposed to say if your project is pure or unpure though. (meaning did you make mostly the entire image in the contest timeframe, or did you use parts from previous works, and did you use exclusively blender for the 3d. If you did all that your project is pure. If not its unpure) But honestly most people don’t even say weather it is or not.

Most people give a quick sentance or two on how they made it or the meaning of their image.

placeholder, heres my model so far!:smiley:


I Don’t Blame You…

Rendered in Indigo


Full Size image (2560 * 1600)

ok then, placeholder.


Welcome to Blender Artists Weekend Challange Enrichment Center.

Be warned that, even tough fun and learning are the primary goals of this Weekend Chalange, serious injuries may occur.

Lets remember this time we have more than a week, so lets give it our best!

This topic gives me an excuse to model something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and I have a week to do it. What are the odds?


This is NOT my final image, but I thought I’d post it, anyway, as I thought it looked pretty good.

Here is a concept image for Robert J. Tiess’ “The Portal” theme. I might develop this further or (probably) try an entirely different approach.

If it’s germane on this competition thread (mods. . .), your artistic critiques and technical comments are welcome (since I’m new to art in general, 3D graphics, and Blender).


Whoa! that looks great already! Did you use indigo? and if so was that all you used for that render?

Oh, well, thanks. Yeah, I used Indigo. (You can probably tell I didn’t let it render for too long.) Most of that is the raw render. I just used photoshop for the radial blur, and a little contrast enhancement.

Not my final render but heres my new pic sofar.:smiley:


Back in the game now, all but three years later, and I still suck. Entry still to come.

Here is my WIP image:
[edit] Actually, it looks like I’m not gonna be able to work on this anymore. (I just found that I’m gonna be really busy for the next couple of days…)


what an AWESOME topic. There is a 90% that there will be a 73% chance of me doing something for this.

Hey padfoot your an awesome artist man. Your stuff is consistently cool. Always shows great originality and extremely interesting composition.

“The Portal”

Pure in Blender 2.48a, some textures from

Link to the image:
Link to thumbnail: