Challenge #347 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: The Portal

Pure Entries

wish i could vote 3 times because it was very hard to decide

Nice entries everyone :).

Wow, so many entries and all of them quality. Nice work everyone.

That’s got to take a couple minutes to set up the voting thread with so many entries…Thanks Martin!!!

Very nice entries indeed. Wish i had more than one vote.

Is it possible to change my picture? Lol I was submitting the first one I sent in, the 2nd one with red circles was for having help with the problem with my render :frowning:

Wow! So many entries. Great stuff!



Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

Great work everyone, a fantastically diverse range of styles and ideas.
Have to agree with the voting so far. REiKo Rhoeme’s entry looks the most professional, this week, but not an easy choice.

Did a slightly better render of mine, but still couldn’t get the worm hole sphere as I wanted it.


Must agree: hard to choose only one.
This time I voted for Helix. I just loved that subtle mirror idea.

Yes, an immensely hard decision…

After much consideration, I voted for minifig’s entry quite simply because it “stopped me in my tracks.” It is absolutely minimalistic, with monotone gradients … and … a ring of fire.


And, you knew when to quit. Restraint is a difficult art. So is proper (“film”) exposure.

But I admit that I also considered modelar’s entry which showed a dragon about to enter … The Great Hall Of … The Great Goddess … Suzanne. :smiley:

After a while of contemlation, i have voted for HELIX…

It was tough, but i like HELIX’s because it tells a story

For me there are three entries which I’d all like to vote for:

HELIX has a great thought-provoking story-telling image.
OrchidFace has some topnotch modelling.
REiKo Rhoemer has the best composition and viewing angle.

The first two images are a bit dark, but I don’t know if that’s because of my monitor or because of the images. So first I’m going to view them on a different computer and then I’m going to make my final decision.

Quick comment on RobertT’s non-participating entry: visually pleasing, but it’s lacking a story that grabs my attentions.

The dog ate my entry.

jus becos it’s so late, lame…

Nice job guys. I’m glad to get two votes, with so many entries.

Winner: REiKo Rhoemer with 29% of the votes


Congrats REiKo Rhoeme. Great innovative concept, interesting artistic composition, and of course impecable execution. I really dig your style. You deserve the win.