Challenge #348 (14/08/09) CLOSED

Theme #348 for 14 August 2009 is: Black & Red

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 17 August 2009.

Getting started right away.

just like me…

does everything in my scene have to be red and black or can the be different colours?

alamkira: no, you can aproach the theme anyhow :slight_smile:

Haven’t done a weekend challenge in a while, but I liked the topic so I thought I’d have a go. Here’s my entry, view full size for all the details here.

Pure blender, I borrowed the hat-stand by the door from an old project, but everything else is from scratch.

awesome heres mine,i really like ac milan.:wink: the charecter is from my chibii project,hes just retextured.every thing else was made from scratch:cool:

by the way ben nice use of the movie seven:yes:
also its blender with a little bit of gimp


pure blender…

My Try. Pure Blende, Internal Render


Sorry for double post. Please Moderator put both the images in my previous Post.
My Try. Pure Blende, Internal Render


th555, you searched red and black in deviant art didnt you?

@alamkira: I think the crowd behind your player is killing your image. They feel out of place and are not paying any attention to the player. You could change it for a colored background like some animes use in action scenes. Also try adding a face to your character, even if only a Lego looking texture. And good luck!


(i’m only typing this because my message was too short…)

If you look at who made it, you’ll find that it’s from him.
That’s his dA-page^^

Well, at least if you trust in the fact, that they both have the same avatar and username

@Rodrigo Sidney ok i changed the back ground how is it ? and thanks for the criticism. i used gimp to make the blur:yes:. i also changed the first pictue to this one.


Now, that is much better :slight_smile:

im not talking about that here look at the link…

they are way too similar for it to just be a coincidencce

i first wanted to make something like this
and then i decided to make 2 glasses, 1 red and 1 black… but i must admit that i used your link as an example for the glass (i remade it because it looked shitty…)
btw i searched for wine on DA and not red and black or something…

Here’s my entry so far. “Black & red dawn”


This is just the first thing I thought of when I saw the topic. I may try some other ideas and change my entry if I come up with something better. (Since there’s still time.)

Ben’s is my favorite so far, nice work for being so fast.


nice one HELIX