Challenge #348 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Black & Red

Pure Entries

Several very good entries.

Nice entries, guys.

Very cool stuff everyone. There’s some really creative ideas.

Yes, nice work everyone!

Radulan, very cool.

Helix’s entry stopped me dead in my tracks … told me a very thought-provoking story with not a single word.

The more I thought about it, the more story there was.

Well done.

Noweeds for the win, tho in snooker the blackball aint #8 ;D

Dident get round to it this week, but although it wouldn’t win any prizes, this is special to me in that it is my first totally 2.5 model and render. In fact my first ever go with 2.5 SNV.

What a differance a button makes. Getting to know 2.5 a bit better.

The pics Ive seen so far looked good, off for a proper look and vote.


Winner: HELIX with 34% of the votes



Thanks for the votes.

I strategically submitted a new topic, so you’ll have to start thinking strategically. Think “strategy” when you start your next entry. The one with the best “strategy” will win. Hint…I strategically place subtle clues in this post to the next topic.:smiley:

Congrats Helix, you got my vote.
My strategy will be to totally destroy my computer, and rebuild it with a new mobo phenom cpu and twice as much faster ram. (just delivered). Fingers crossed I will then be able to catch everyone else up before monday.

Good luck everyone.


ps, I might finally get to see what a GLSL shader looks like.

Good position that… first!

Congratulations, HELIX.