Challenge #349 (21/08/09) CLOSED

Theme #349 for 21 August 2009 is: Strategy

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 24 August 2009.

very abstract theme, but i’m in…

Perhaps I should use this: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I am going for a chess idea, but I will remake the pieces for better topology (and to make it pure). I learned a lot of stuff since I made that board (like not using the default background :stuck_out_tongue: )

i was thinking of chess too, not very original but who cares…

Just to throw something in the mix, Wargames was on the other day, so I might follow the right hand wall and find the Joshua tree or do an in flight emergency laminated poster with the rules of Toe Tac Tic

Please fasten seatbelts and enjoy your blend, in the blend entertainment will commence shortly as you desire…



Not anymore. Good luck to all.

Here’s my non-participating entry, “80’s strategy”



Full size:

(and, the black and red theme was a coincidence.)

I’m going to try something… not sure how it will turn out. It’s not chess… :slight_smile:




(click the thumbnail)

Green Bomber versus Sammy Squid.

Some quality stuff again this week. Well done everyone.


ps, Computer rebuild and Windows install 3.5 hours. Getting the telly to work again 24 hours and much cursing.

pss, Firefly squid/sparkling enope squid. Watasenia scintillans, it is referred to in Japan as “hotaru-ika” or Sammy for short, but Im not certain that it has Green Bombers for breakfast.

This one’s called Spikey situation. It’s pretty much pure. I made the lines on the map in photoshop. That’s all.

i updated mine, it’s rendered with yafaray, is that allowed?

Yes, but I liked your first one better. Just my opinion.

Bogey, looks good, but I think you need some AO shading around the edges of everything where it’s sitting on the carpet to make it look more natural. Oh yeah, sorry it was so much trouble, but congrats on the new kicks.

Well I had a long car trip, so I got something done… I cant go much further with it on my laptop, I will have to wait till Monday to do some more work, but that’s when school starts, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it… I can’t even upload what I have right now because my computer is crazy, Maybe it’ll be done on monday.


I made this last year. It’s missing the knights though.

Not for the competition, just for some inspiration :).


the knights also gave me alot of trouble… btw the holes between the squares are kinda odd…

Not looking like i’’ be able to get started, my idea though was to do a scene out of the old Donkey Kong game where you need to climb ladders and jump boulders… (Bring back the 80’s), hmmm maybe a Rubik’s Cube would be more of a manageable project… Anyway, this theme has started a conversation which could lead to a few games of chess, never a bad thing… (esp. Chinese Chess).


rarebit, I just updated my image… I guess great minds think alike:confused: