Challenge #350 (28/08/09) CLOSED

Theme #350 for 28 August 2009 is: Cyberspace

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 31 August 2009.

RT. Your image Mount Reckon in Bounce, Tumble and splash has given me an idea for cyberspace, but i’ll probably go for visions of Cheeba at the beginning of neuromancer


Don’t think I have time for this one… have fun everyone!

My first…I hope…

Here’s mine:


Can we use renderers like Yafray for the contests?

yes. You can use any renderer you want.

A fairly pridictable.

Future of Cyberspace.

Place holder pic. I might try to improve it.

Got stuck with the game engine allready.


workin on mine

your link doesn’t work for me. Not sure why you’d have file:/// at the beginning of a web link.

can u help… ive never enterd a contest b4

Just submit your image by pressing manage attachments below the reply window. Since you are brand new you might not have permission to submit attachments though.

Here’s mine: just having fun…Revenge of the cyber-gronk. Your momma told you the web was dangerous.


Thanks. This is my pic. Sorry i kinda sounded like a noob there for a second. lol


Yes you did. And you are. Welcome to the club. I liked your trial and error clip on your website. Another thing, you can edit your posts…so you won’t look stupid like if you accidentally post a silly image of a cyber-gronk after you have been drinking. oops! :no:

Pure Entry, glad to be participating again =) good luck to all!


Zerone Road

Pure Image - photos attached on planes through UV Texture.


Here’s my entry

“Looking out into cyberspace”


I finally got some free time AND an idea. And I’m working on it.

Cyber Space:

I may add to this.