Challenge #350 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Cyberspace

Pure Entries

Fantastic modelling and posing modelar! …

Everyone else did well too, especially RobertT.

I hope to start submitting entries soon. :slight_smile:

Another tough choice this week, but relledom got my vote this time.

awe how modest of you Helix.

I try to vote for the pic speaks to me most. I inevitably give a small bonus to works of high technicality, but I tend to judge these challenges as a visual art competition.

Helix I think you’re decision to make the figures silhouettes to hide lack of detail turned out to work very much in favor of your image artistically. An incredible concept with impeccable execution.

I voted for Helix, I just loved the deepness in your piece. I’m using it as my desktop now.

I wanted to participate to but didn’t really have time.

Wow, thanks for the comments. Maybe some day my modeling skills will catch up with my disturbed mind.

I still don’t know if it’s desktop background worthy, but I guess if you cover it with enough icons. :smiley:

Nice work everyone, not an easy topic this week.

I loved the concept on Modelar’s, and the execution was very well realized. Great job there.

Cant believe Ive got a vote.
I nearlly withdrew it from the comp.
Im just wondering how they will go about entangling zeros.
Anyway off for a proper look and vote.


Winner: modelar, with 38% of the votes.




Good job Modelar, I like your style.

Thanks guys. I just sent a new theme suggestion to theeth.

Great job all!