Challenge #351 (04/09/09) CLOSED

Theme #351 for 4 September 2009 is: Delicious

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 7 September 2009.

ok, here is my progress (update 3)

title: “Whoops!”
i think i shall call this done now
100% pure

i haven’t had much time, but here’s my entry… i think i’m kinda finished…

little robot likes nuts n bolts

Wow, this didn’t take long.
Edit: I’ll keep posting periodic updates

Title: A little slice of heaven.


ok guys, i know i haven’t been on in awhile, but heres my big come back!:smiley:
@spacetug- lol im doing icecream!


heh . my favorite breakfast :slight_smile:


not doing icecream anymore but i will think of something else!:yes:

well guys, sorry, due to technical dificulties im going to hav to drop out. :frowning:

Red Delicious Applenades


Heres mine


Great work so far! I probably won’t have time for more, so here is a model of todays dinner as my non participating entry: Beer-Butt-Buddies


Here’s mine, “Feeding frenzy”

Cool stuff so far everyone!

Great topic Modelar, and nice sittin’ chickens. :yes:


Modeled after some cookies my step-mom makes every christmas. They are sooooooo yummy.

Here is my entry (please disregard or classify as non-participating if deemed to late):



Sorry, got side tracked.

Waiter - - -