Challenge #351 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Delicious

Pure Entries

modelas pic is great lol

Nice work again everyone. I don’t know why but I’m hungry all the sudden, I’m going to go eat.

Great entries! It’s really interesting to see all those different ideas to a common theme. :cool:

Winner: RobertT with 33% of the votes




Quallity stuff again from everyone except me this week. Trying to catch up on all the new display options available with me new on board 810 graphics. Cant wait to plug a card in it with windows 7.
Actually, I dident think Helix was quite as good as usual. Somthing about the composition, and the fog? distance or blending. - Thaught it might be an algol bloom that the missing salmon? were swimming through.
Loved the headless chickins, not to mention the beer. Thought the glass and lable on the bottle might need more speck, Havent seen the actual bottle though.
Dident have any glasses to see if was actually a 3d 3d render. - Looked again, and thaught it might be chromatic aberation.
Think the cookies area light was a bit too bright, perhapse the moniter setting. If its real time it looks good.
Frying eggs without oil allways sets my fire alarm off.
Congrats to RobertT seemed to be a lot like 50s decore.
The simple but well composed bar of chockolate reminds me of the brick sculpture that was worth a phonomanal amount.
The robots brillient.
The lighting on the metal pizza is verry realistic.
I figure oil dosent run out if you pull the pin out.
Anyway great stuff, off to texture my boat. FCB2 with the new hull ish.


Moracialon Im guessing, but if it is “real time” is it a reduced still/capture or oversampled/ aliased. Or somthing else.


ps,bit late, but Im back to vote.

afraid I have to abstain this time.