Challenge #354 (25/09/09) CLOSED

Theme #354 for 25 September 2009 is: Sharks!

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 28 September 2009.

entry “shark”

No time to finish, but here it is any way.


Sooooo… What do i do? Model a shark?

Yes, or anything else you can imagine, a shark tooth, an oar with a giant bite out of it, fins circling a raft, a scene around a pool table…

well, if no entries, i might give it a try :slight_smile:

edit: poor little fishy

Over time Eugene became tired of having his morning cuppa ruined…

Pure Blender


Here’s my entry:

“The Last Prank”

Pure Blender internal render.


Gently down the stream…

Looking good RobertT!

Jan Hammaya

Still a bit gawpy but…

? Any suggestions for some text bubbles ?

p.s. it’s a bit of a two page spread format…

I was really bored, so I just make it:

rendered in BI, around 60min in model, painted with blender vertex painter



i love your shark! =D he is adorable… one thing tho… its a little hard to tell where the body ends and the top fin begins =) just a little note

Diver definitely down.

@N00BIE rofl;)

IM BACK!!! (again) lol. school kind of threw me for a loop, but im definatley back now. heres my FINISHED entry, i call it “The Triple Threat”.:smiley:


@Kamlanie: thanks! I’m glad you like it
I add more detail in it, and add some background.
edited in first post.

First try at this competition…
Not good, but, this is all i could make in 3 hours… :frowning:
Do i have any more time left???


(Edit: Added caustics, mist)


I believe the time above says -5 GMT it is 12:41 right now so you have 8 hours and 19 minutes. Get Blending! :RocknRoll:

I know this is a late entry, but I’m too pleased with it to not show it off.


@ Krisnack it’s great! Are they bankers? :evilgrin:

Thank you, no they aren’t bankers (such a think would be insulting to sharks I imagine), but rather just an idea that I had.