Challenge #354 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Sharks!

Pure Entries

I spent more time trying to decide who to vote for this time than I spent on my entry.:yes:

Nice stuff everyone.

Lots of participation! Great job everyone, it’s hard to pick :slight_smile:

Saving my vote still, I love a good close call…

This is fun!! I should have started participating a long time back…
Its a fast and fun way to keep up with blender… But the way i’ve been refreshing this page :no: , its bad…
Looks like a very close thing- when will the voting end?? :slight_smile:
Has there ever been a tie on a weekend challenge before??

Winner: Abhiram with 30% of the votes



congratulation Abhiram!
good job everyone, I will come with better image in next challenge!

The one that made me laugh most first.


ps, rarebit, more.