Challenge #36 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Tastes like chicken…

Pure Entries

This is my pure entry, with only the wallpaper/tiles, sidewalk, and the menu being textures. The menu was made in the Gimp today and the others are off of the excellent Blender Texture CD.

A bit of South Park meets Warner Bros I’m affraid…

[email protected]
Here’s my entry, It’s really delicious! It’s supposed to be an Afrikan tree worm on a barbaque stick!

tastes like chicken, but…

Non-Participating Entries

The shirt and the cat were found on Google and put together in The Gimp. The text was done there, along with a bit of editing (a logo was erased on the shirt)


man, i am really cheesed off!!!
i had started an entry, and i had about an hour i was gonna finish it off in, but turns out my brother decided he wanted to reformat the computer and didn’t get everything working again till after the deadline. Once again, when i don’t enter hardly anyone particpates, even if i tell them i will join in.

btw, goo got my vote, my opinion, best of the pics.

Not so many entries (sorry for the weird topic ;)), but I think all of the entries are good and funny.

  1. pofo

aaaaagghr…becase of you I didn’t figure out anything even I had time…grrr___ :<

well I like the theeth’s for it’s point and simplicity

I would have voted for demos if the image would oad for me, but thats part of the deal.

Sorry about the image being down for a bit. My server was down for a while today (read ISP can’t do anything without crashing their network) but it’s running fine now! But thnx Vigilante for saying you would have voted for it just by seeing it and not knowing what it was you might be seeing heheh!!!

I really didn’t think my entry would do this well :smiley: Maybe it’s funnier than I had thought… I rather like Goo’s entry myself, “The Chicken Is Ready To Eat!” with the little sketch is great and of course the “Chicken Lover” without any chicken heheh

Nice work everyone!

i voted [email protected] cause he seemed to put the most effort into modelling and lighting. . . but all good entries, with Goo a close second. . .

Nice job Demonghast. I think yours is the funniest one on there. I managed to throw in a few jokes in the menu, but I’m surprised anyone actually read them. I’m especially fond of the Chicken Lover myself. :wink:
Good Job everyone.


Winner with 48% of the votes: Demonghast!



Thanks for the votes everyone!

After long thought I picked a new topic for this weekends challenge that I hope will make for lots of entries :smiley: though it’s no “Speed Machine” topic.

Good work all I’m looking forward to seeing the entries this weekend!