Challenge #372 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: From the Rock World

Pure Entries

  • axelh92
    “Above the sky”

  • billythekid

  • di22y
    <no text>

    “Coming down.”

  • MeshWeaver

  • modelar
    “Nothing but Rocks” - Impression from the Goblin Valley State Park

  • N00BIE
    Hard Rock Lady

  • rebogey
    “Sand Tune”

  • ridix
    Here is my Rock World!

  • Robo3Dguy
    Forgotten Talent

  • spacetug
    Literal Translation

    Astroshark, he’s from the rock dimention.

  • woutervd
    “Away from here”

um, why is it that not all the pictures are actually shown? do we need to add thumbnails of our pics?

Yes, you need to submit a thumbnail.

Third, a link to the entry image. A link directly is preferred, although a link to a page containing only the entry image is permitted. A “copy and paste” warning should be given, is necessary. Optionally, a thumbnail may also be supplied. The link and optional thumbnail will appear in the entry list for voting.

yeah, you have to provide a thumbnail. (imageshack and some others do that automatically.)
shoulda told it to remove the filesize bar at the bottom though :confused:

Hmmmm, Spacetug has the best rendered image, looks like yafaray to me, but di22y and N00bie have better interpretations.

Decisions decisions.

Nice entries! I have to say Robo has really kicked it up in the past 2 weeks. :yes:

i voted for you, Robo3Dguy :smiley:

lots of nice entries this week…not that i’ve been looking at these WCs for very long, only started last week, lol :smiley: but still, lots of nice stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks Mesh, glad you liked it :smiley:

Wow so many good entries this week. That was reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallly hard to decide. Everyone did a great job :slight_smile:

You my have noticed I changed mine at the last second to “From the little Rock World” or, from Big rocks to little rocks,. Anyway whatever. I noticed, too late to rerender that I think due to differential scaling using an empty the fret markers? and tensioners? moved slightly.
Here is a slightly better render without those glitches.

Good entries everyone.

Off to vote.

Spacetug is that a B.C. Rich Bitch? Very awesome.

from what i hardly know, it’s an LTD AX something or other.

Wow somebody actualy voded for me. Im really looking forward to entering these weekend challenges whenever possible. Its great fun and you learn stuff at the same same time, now who’d of thought it. I’m actually going to refrain from voting this time though because I think mines the best :smiley: and it doesn’t seem right.

Good Luck All.

di22y: The idea here is that you vote for the render that you think is the best. If in your opinion you believe that your work is the best, go ahead and vote! But don’t be biased. Be fair and honest to every entry.

There are some really nice works shown this time. But I think I gotta go for billythekid, it´s just the best interpretation of the theme. If I clould vote for the best render I think it would be rebogey. By the way, I´am amazed, that Noobie was able to model a whole human character on one weekend! Really great.

Thanks Moritz, I impressed myself as well, model clothes and rig in about 12 hours work, I just left myself no time for lighting or texturing, and had to do a rush job! Oh and the weight-painting is so bad, that if she stretched just a bit more she would be a mess.:o

wow, the most votes i’ve ever gotten!
and 3 votes short of billythekid, a member from back in 2002! :slight_smile: :smiley: :evilgrin:

nice render spacetug!

some noise issues with the strings, though. :no:
still learning, always learning. :slight_smile:

wait, two more votes since last i checked…7 to billy’s 8 :confused:
noo!!! i can’t win!
must…vote…for…older user…haven’t voted…
huh. i could tie myself, but wouldn’t that be morally wrong?

Just loved that wall robo…

billythekid and spacetug are tied in first place! who will win?.. :wink: