Challenge #376 (05/03/10) CLOSED

Theme #376 for 5 March 2010 is: Synthetic

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 8 March 2010.

Ooh nice one. Might not be able to make it though…

Wish I could participate this week, but I’m busy working on a short. Probably won’t be able to prticipate for a while as my blender time is committed (though I will definitly be back to vote ;)). Good luck everyone, and congrats to Robo3d for winning last week. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I know, synthetic means man-made. So here’s my entry…

@ realdeal…nice animation, this is a still image competition, and it is supposed to be created specifically for the challenge. Nice camera movements!

dam, sorry man. I just kinda jumped into it…
Thanks for the comment on the camera though…

realdeal: Just render a frame from your animation with a nice background and some good materials and submit that as your entry :wink:

(thanks 3dem)


Here’s my non-participating entry :slight_smile:

Title: The future of medicine: Synthetic Chemicals

Pure and Non-Participating


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I’m hoping to see some good entries! Good luck everyone :smiley:

Title: What Didn’t Happen in Winter

Pure, everything is done in 2.5.

Link to thumbnail:

sorry guys. have to drop out my computer isnt working right. im about to shoot myself :frowning:

see you guys next week.

I don’t quite understand how Écrivain’s post is synthetic. Also, realdealmagic, yes it does mean man-made, but more like man-made to replace a real, organic object.

When have you seen a real flower bloomed in Winter… :eek:

I was going to do a melting block of wood, maybe that’d’ve been more apparent…

title–brave new world

Hey Tug, cool entry. If you link like this,

It will go straight to the image, not the imageshack page (which may be want you want) Good luck!

“Synthetic Blender”
Pure, 2.49b, Gimp 2.6.7.

… /shrug :confused:


Pure Blender 2.49.2 and The Gimp 2.6

Pharma Corp.


Hey Quandtum shouldn’t the blades be some what twisted? What does the thing do. Industrial A/C?

Nah, circa ~1901, they hadn’t been clever enough to twist the blades yet (Wright Brothers design concept). Wires were later replaced around ~1962 to determine if the unit actually functioned before placing it into the Smithsonian. This design helped lead to the “pitch” concept that lead to propulsion. It revolutionized the Wright Brothers design.

Seriously though, this is the result of randomly extruding verts (from a cylinder) for a few hours with no pre-conception, plan, higher intent or references. I just wanted to draw something (since I had some free time yesterday and wanted to try a few new tricks out). I also did want to do a contest entry but didn’t just want to draw a bottle of Penzoil. So…Synthetic Blender as in blending air. Might do a little more to it yet today time permitting to round it out some.

Nothing serious, just for fun & practice.

AH I see. Looking good man.

Yes! Now let’s see it fly.