Challenge #388 (04/06/10) CLOSED

Theme #388 for 4 June 2010 is: Alien Creature

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 7 June 2010.

BloGNargz-z-z-BZZT ( placeholder )


what is the price ???’

You mean the prize? There is no prize for the WC, although I think there is still a permanent gallery for winning entries hosted by Basse.

Seriously??? in this case would be the proud of winning…:yes:

Maybe, you can do any BIG competition about monsters, aliens or whatever :P.

With a price a video of Blender could be :).

is there anyone live here???’’’’’’

and who is gonna enter ???.

who post something???

and 4 and 7 is not a WEEK :slight_smile:

Alekzsander read this This

ill see what I can do…
need to get back into blender getting lazy again…

juajajua long to read :P.

But  the Blenderforum can do a BIG TOURNAMENT OF MODELING   to participate  and win prize like  blender  videos

Greetings! Here’s my non-participating entry :slight_smile:

Title: I’d like you to meet some Robos. They’re the mascots of my studio.

Open and Non-Participating.


Full Size ------>

Thumbnail ------>


BloGNargz-z-z-BZZT ( placeholder )

I somehow like the sound of that. Gives me a creepy feeling that your entry will be really cool :wink:

Good luck to all!


greetings all,

oh and i seem to have forgotten how to enter o0, do i just put my wire n final render in this thread?
replaced low Polly progress pic with hipolly pic

okidoki than…spent best part of two hours or so failing to get displacement maps to work, so weighing in at 1473234 pawleys is my monster with dodgy photoshop shadow (cos i set ty ground plane to cast shadows only instead of receive yay)

will try get displacement to work tomorrow, if it don’t ill have to add the extra details to the hi Polly n try render,keyword being try :C
Awww God Dam it, just realized it says alien creature, that explains why i started out modeling the tentacle eye thingy which l8r got scraped, guess ill have to add antenni or something, least i made it green o0

Here is my entry :slight_smile:

Im still a noob and i still dont have the efficiency to model the head and the body in a weekend.

Good luck everyone!


Perpetual, I was as slow as molasses before I started doing the WC. It is a great way to improve your skills, and especially your speed. Good luck.

My little attempt to WC: “Alien Space Conqueror”.
Unfortunately no time to finish rig and pose, so I’m posting as it is and hope it’s not off topic :wink:

Cool entries, everyone!

Here is my entry:

“Alien from the Deep”

Pure Blender 2.49.


WOW x3 way to kill my motavation to finish up guys :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s been ages since I did one of these, wanted to try out the sculpt tools again.

it’s supposed to be a post-industrial navi-ish creature.

Its no fun, being an illegal alien.

Xeelee bust