Challenge #391 (25/06/10) CLOSED

Theme #391 for 25 June 2010 is: Portable Music Player

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 28 June 2010.

Wow it is funny how many ppl are doing old phonographs. I to am working on one lol.

Pure entry

Here is my entry. You contestants can give up now…


  • Fully green (no batteries needed).
  • Can share music with as many as you want.
  • Analog quality.
  • Does not emit radiatons. Can be safely used in planes.
  • Variable playing speed.
  • 100% pure blender texture wood.
  • Convenient Suzzane handler for easier disc swapping.
  • Finest blue plastic disc holder included with capacity up to 12 LPs (equivalent to 4GB in older systems).
  • iTunes compatible (you can have both iTunes and this device…)


Note: Elvis single not included.
Note 2: First image is for contest, second for detail.


Pure entry

Not as clever as some…


Future portable music player
for Pure contest

Link to higher resolution picture posted below.

@ hasoth, I really like your concept, it is actually an almost perfect recreation of a character concept I had a long time ago. Mine was more of a pda that had a personality, not a rocker. It’s a cool idea you had there, and a good execution as well.

hasoth: We have the same idea. Mine is a bit different, but same concept. I guess I’ll continue making it…

Here’s my entry: 80’s Rock’er Forever

I’m still really slow at textures and materials, so I doubt I’ll have time to finish out the textures to the quality level I’d like to.

straight blender internal, post done with nodes.


3dementia: Thx :slight_smile: I think that our concepts are not so unrealistic and life can bring even cooler and more beautiful things sooner than we think :slight_smile:
Wehrdo: Don’t abandon your project, You have same rights to imagine something close to mine and it’s not competition like first come first served :wink:

Heh. If any of Apple’s recent patent-applications come true, the only thing that might be missing from your image is the Apple logo. (What if you could put karaoke on the Internet and fit it in the palm of your hand?)

If I get any more time today, I’ll work on it some more, but for now, here it is.


Last minute entry here…

Class: Pure Entry
Title: Dollar General Harmonica

Spin, your pic disappeared. :eek: (edit: it shows up now.)

Here is my Pure entry.

Blender & Freestyle


Slightly Retro


:ba:I just have one crit on the harmonica. It’s in the key of C!