Challenge #391 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Portable Music Player

Pure Entries

Hmmm. I thought voting was a bit later then this but np . lol
Had not enough time anyway. GL all and some awesome designs this weekend as well.


I think everyone did a great job. So I sold all of the images to a clip-art company… Just kidding. :evilgrin:

AdamTM Great work! My style of rendering. Lots of PC time involved there, not to mention the time for depth of field.

Atemporalskill WOW! I was going to do a Boom Box too, but not enough time for me. Nice style and color. Well balanced.

hasoth Quite different, and daring to do a human hand in a weekend challenge. I’d like to see this music player in a Sci Fi movie.

Krisnack That’s a neat gadget! Looks like a prototype of something old, mixed with ‘sort of new’. Nice modeling and UVs

luclay Very nice. Realistic, actually looks so real, that if somebody else saw that, they’d wonder why you stuck a paper hand and guitar on the ipod and photographed it.

Wehrdo Too funny. The thumbnail in the entry looked like there was a bird in there, now that I see the whole picture… Ha ha.

Écrivain I really like this. Most people use Blender for realistic 3D. Your image (and style) can be used for many aplications. I am going to have to try this method of Blender some day. So far, I have only done it to make special graphics (saved as image files) for UV layers in other Blender 3D projects.

Levisarts Nice work. Sorry you missed the boat, but you deserve recognition. I would really like to play with that Blend file. There are so many things I could do with that.

I should have voted myself xD

…isn’t that kinda like cheating to vote for one’s self?

It’s not very ethic, at least :stuck_out_tongue:


If you are not convinced your creation is the best, why bother posting it in a contest?

Because you spent hours on it and by that time it’s not worth not posting it. :smiley:
Just vote for the one you like best…sure, if no one else put any effort into their entries then vote for yourself so that they do, but chances are they have.

Isn’t voting for somebody else pretty much the same as voting against yourself? Voting is open to all members of the forum.

I voted for Levisarts :confused:

I think if no one else put any effort into their entries then you’d better skip voting or go contesting anywhere else, where the entries level is more challenging.

Voting my own entry does not appeal to me. But I think it’s fair play, and respect and support everyone who thinks it’s acceptable. In the end, you have put a lot of effort on it, and it’s worth your vote!

This opinion, anyway, contrasts with my inconditional support for rule abusers! :wink:

I definitely also want to throw in my very strong compliments to all of these entries, including “the one that got away.” Every one of them was, in their own way, very original and very well done.

I was beginning to wonder about the “Weekend Challenges.” (Are they drying up?) My faith is restored.

P.S. (Ecrivain): I hope we’ll see a performance by your very haunting young lass very soon.

Agreed, I thought the same. :yes:

Er, she has no hands lol. I noticed too late she looked shocked, I should have posed her more like this: (hopefully not too big of image?)

But I was trying to follow my concept which I did Sunday night…I started modeling her Monday morning (for me the contest ends Monday at 10pm) and well guess I really didn’t think I was going to make it in so I was just getting it done and missed the small details. :o

If you are convinced your creation is the best, why bother posting it in a contest?

Écrivain- nice concept and conclusion! I darkened the image so we could all see it.


I like the competition, deadlines and the pat on the back if i win.

Being convinced that you created the best thing ever doesnt make it so, i appreciate the feedback.

After all how else should i improve if not by measuring myself against others?

I guess i need to clarify.

I meant it in a sense that if you enter a contest/challenge, you need to go in with the right mind-set.
Going in with the “i cant win/others are better than me” attitude is only going to cripple your productivity. I dont want to seem like im talking 3d graphics= srz bzns, i do these challenges for fun too, but being confident in your abilities will boost your output.
Its just something i gathered from personal experience. It helps especially at job interviews (small contests in themselves).

Imagine if you go to a job interview and you tell the employer that you think your stuff is pretty good, but you think that other guy waiting in the foyer is much better.
Yes i know, this is not a job application, but the principle is the same.

This of course doesnt mean that im closed for critique or suggestions, i just am confident in my abilities.

For some reason people darken/lighten my images occasionally, must be because I keep my monitor on low contrast. Thanks anyhow. :smiley:

What Adam said, and to give contestants a higher standard, thus making everyone more happy with their depictions and making the contest more interesting. I.e. if you want to beat me you’ll have to become a Blender pro first, and then when they do beat you it really means something. :slight_smile:

This reminds me of times when I play games with people who don’t want to win or go easy* on me so that I win and it makes them feel good that they let me win, urgh. :mad: Seriously those games were the most boring, uninteresting, and dull I ever played.

Personally I don’t like to vote in contests I’ve entered in. I just like to see how I did in the end and what were the good points of the winning entries, and what people pointed out, and so on. :smiley:

  • that is the worst thing you could do to make someone learn.

I think it’s not important who wins weekend challenges, who votes for others and who for him or herself. There are no prizes for 1st place and for me, reason to participate is to find new ideas, activate my brain in other areas and read sometimes something nice about my ideas or works :wink: I voted for myself because I don’t like 0, it looks really sad :stuck_out_tongue: But don’t stress so much, there are other things in your real life that you need to stress because of them for sure ! :yes:

Écrivain: I like mood of your work. Every time I look at your picture I’m wondering what hides behind shadows !

Thats also a very condescending attitude of them, its like they are teasing you “you are not worth my time”.

Competition is the only true way to get better at things. Its much alike to peer-review in science. Your ideas and work need to be tested constantly.
Every critique is good, even harsh one, ESPECIALLY harsh critique is good, it makes you think.

With art you have the goal to generate emotion, if you generated negative emotion, you have to find out why. Its all about setting targets and goals, reaching them, and if you dont reach them, try to find out why.

Also its good to being fully aware of your shortcomings.
I for example am aware that my renders/artwork is often considered “sterile” which can be a downside. In my line of work however (product visualization), its beneficial.
Its hard for me to be really “creative” at work so i start in these challenges here to exercise my creative vein (with more or less success as you can see).

Winner: AdamTM with 36% of the votes