Challenge #392 (02/07/10) CLOSED

Theme #392 for 2 July 2010 is: Digital Summer

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 5 July 2010.

Hmmmm. Kind of open topic. This is my biggest weekend all year but I will see if I can finish something this time. A.K.A. Place holder.

Before I can change my mind I’ll just say it. Placeholder. This will be fun :smiley:

Progres so far.

Heavily modded ish type women.

ps, FA keeps Sven, oh sorry the othe mush, so we can win next year.

pps, Dident do any more work on this, so I guess I can look forward to no votes again.

Here’s my entry :slight_smile:

Title: Forgotten Tunes

Pure. Blender 2.5 A2, Gimp 2.6


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One warm, rainy summer evening, someone abandons an MP3 player on the side of a street. It cries out to be picked up and used once more…but does anyone hear?

Happy blending everyone :smiley:

holy shit a free ipod!!!


Yep! But a hobo would probably find it before you :wink:

Here’s my entry.

Digital Summer - Deep in the digital undergrowth.


Started this on Friday but then forgot all about it until the early hours of this morning so it’s not as good as I hoped it would be. I spent ages trying to get motion blur on the wings but couldn’t get it to work out right.

Good luck all.


Interesting topic :slight_smile:

Here’s my entry:

Low-Res Surfers

Pure Blender 2.49.