Challenge #394 (16/07/10) CLOSED

Theme #394 for 16 July 2010 is: Oh look! Bubbles!

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 19 July 2010.

Once again, more ambition than time…

Here is my entry.
I wasn’t going to enter this picture at first but I learnt so much doing it that I wanted to say thanks to who ever came up with the subject, it really made me get off my butt and learn something new.


Here’s my entry:


Here is my just-for-fun entry:


Pure Blender 2.49, and non-participating.


Here is my pure entry.

Look, Mom! Bubbles!


Edit: brightened up the image and made some adjustments.
Edit #2: some color correcting; for the curious here are the old ones: 1st 2nd

My Entry:

(if you cant read it it says “oh look” lol)


I guess this is my first ever open entry, as it isent a blender image. Its a screen grab of what ive been working on for the last week or so since I found some demo software called Virtual Sailor, that allows you to import your own stuff.

Captivating Cavitating.

here it is from the other side.

I gave the models away, so I thaught I see what I could do with them.

rebogey: Very interesting. The second “other side” image is simply beautiful.

I just updated my entry, tweaking things a bit.

Have a good week, everyone.


Bubble Bath:

High Res version

Thanks RoberT, looks like good enties from everyone.

Allthough the ship is my model, the environment is the default scenery from the game.
If anyone is interested, it is a great example of an environment setup for a game, allthough the game engine as it stands is nowhere near as complete as blenders, it is wonderfull for inspiration. I will upload the model shortly.