Challenge #397 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: The Internet

Pure Entries

  • McCyberfly
    here is my humble submission to this theme, couldn’t resist

  • MicrowaveOven
    The Internet: A Bad Ratio

  • Quandtum
    “Internet Predators - Om Nom Nom”

  • Robo3Dguy
    Yep, there’s internet up here

  • SpynalTom
    Internet - Like searching for gold

McCyberfly: Nice effect! What method did you use for the glow effect?

SpynalTom: I like how this image has meaning. Well done :slight_smile: But there are some parts of the 3D content that make the image less appealing to look at, mainly the sharp edges on the tubes above and the washed out colours.

The tubes simply need subsurfing and extra edgeloops. For post production, I’d play with some colour correction and add a vignette effect (to make the most of your simple colour scheme). I hope you don’t mind my dissecting your image :wink: It is very good to start off with, but adding these things will just make it better.


Thanks Robo and no worries I like feedback. I know there could have been a lot more I could have done to make it a better image, and thanks for the kind words. I had envisioned a much more detailed scene with cans of spam, cute little penguins, gas masks, and Google metal detectors, but I only had a few hours while the baby was napping so this is what I was able to accomplish. Concept Image

Thanks for the support guys :wink:

@Robo3D: For the glow to indicate motion I combined 2 blur effects (Quadratic+Bokeh and Vector Blur) and changed the color with Color Balance node. Used them for the first time ever, just experimented. The glow didn’t actually end up quite like I wanted it to but I didn’t want to spend more time on it so I left it at that. :slight_smile:

@SpynalTom: Too bad you didn’t have more time, I like the concept drawing. You used a tablet I assume… Wacom?

@MicrowaveOven: The bright titles on your shelves are quite hard to read, I’m too dumb and didn’t get the message from the rendering… could you shed some light on that?

Robo3dguy awesome using simple techniques and reflections nice!

The bar rack above is labeled "Fiber Optic Segments", the top shelf is labeled "Network Interface Cards" ("ards" is cut off), and the middle and bottom shelves are both labeled "Ban Hammers".

The text on the bottom of the shelf is “Bad ratio: two to one”. The joke is that the store is stocking twice as much stuff to get trolls off the net as it is stocking to get people on the net. That’s a bad ratio.

:stuck_out_tongue: It’s probably also a bad joke, I made the NIC first, scrapped a couple ideas, and came up with this one in order to use it. @Quandtum: The fur is the weak point, but mainly on the two closest ones, the fur of the one at the rear looks great. Other than that, I love the critters.

Oh, I get it now… thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

Nice job robo3d, but I would like to see you develop the characters some more, do some texturing, etc.
Make it a true finished project.
The general theme is similar to Us the Robots, maybe you could draw some inspiration from it?

spacetug: Hey! Thanks for the kind words and the links. Interesting web comic. I am calling the characters finished. In my eye, they do (and would) look best without texturing. They are designed to be probably the simplest of all my characters…used for simple, illustrative scenes like this. Currently, I am working on other characters that are more complicated.


Winner: Robo3Dguy with 47% of the votes