Challenge #399 (20/08/10) CLOSED

Theme #399 for 20 August 2010 is: Cityscapes

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 23 August 2010.

Title: Muse



Title: Ancient City


wow spacetug! thats insane!!! niiiiiice! thats got to be high poly…

:eek:Great job space tug, really amazing.

Down Valley…

Just back and finally figured the composite foreground without raytracing.
Now need to tart it up and add some hair quickly before last orders…

hmmm, also note zombie faces on makehuman characters, grrr…

oh and foreground tree is the fig from

I love this theme, and allthough it took me a real long time, I was able to make something for it.

Concrete and Ocean


I should have got my ass in gear for this one, but I was distracted with other stuff. Good theme, because it’s the kind where you can probably use the models again, after the WC.


I decided to go with a cloudless sky, as I couldn’t get a cloud that looked real and showed thru the glass dome.