Challenge #4 Entries (7 June 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Theme #4 for 7 June 2002 is: parodies
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 10 June 2002.

imgranpaboy has also supplied some additional info about the theme:

The current rules can be found here:
Again, there are no changes, but it can still be worthwhile re-reading it. This week, I’d like to draw your attention to the section entitled Entry Submissions.

And finally, a plea for those using geocite/tripod/other-copy-paste-hosts: please try to take the time to make a page for your entries. It doesn’t have to be fancy, in fact it shouldn’t, but it will make life much simpler for the voters to see your image (and vote for it;)). Also, skip the [img][/img] tags - they may work for you, but they won’t for anyone else. Thanks!

Good luck, everyone!

(ectizen) #2

A couple of other things I left out:Placeholder entries are a very good idea, as they give me some clue as to how many options we’re going to need for the voting poll. As I’m sure you noticed, we had more entries than could fit in a silngle poll last week, and I’d like to avoid that in future. With an indication of number of entries, we can have the maximum size of a poll increased beforehand, if necessary.

Can I also ask that people using [img][/img] tags use thumbnails instead of full size images. Yes, I know you want us all to see your astounding pictures, but that’s what the link to your entry is for :slight_smile:

Would people be interested in a web form for assisting with correctly formed entry submissions? That is, you go to a web page, give your entry details by answering a bunch of questions, and then get a correctly formatted entry which could be copy-and-pasted into your entry message here.

(darkbyrd) #3

OPEN entry, made with lightwave 7, photoshop 7 used for some supporting images/maps. And don’t ask me who wins, that remains to be seen (does someone want to animate this?)

(LohnS) #4

sry guys but i’m out this week , unless i can think of and make something in 30 min =(

(ectizen) #5

Hey, check this out. It’s an ad I found in the latest issue of Australian Computer Magazine. Seriously, I think all this wireless internet stuff is getting out of hand…

Pure - nothing but blender :slight_smile:

I couldn’t help myself - I had to update. Fixed a leaky lamp, and tweaked the ad-like authenticity.
Some pointless measurements: forty-one lamps, three quarters of a million faces, and eleven minutes to render.

darkbyrd: Yes, just like that. Then when the entry is ready, you can edit that message to include the submission details. Congratulations! Your early placeholder entry guarantees your place as the first listed entry in the polls! :slight_smile:

NEO: Congratualtions! Your not-quite-so-early placeholder entry guarantees your place as the second listed entry in the polls! :slight_smile:

ectizen: Congratualtions! This placeholder entry guarantees your place as the third listed entry in the polls! :slight_smile:

(basse) #6

hold your places

i’m going to try very hard on finnishing on time this time… and, even using the topic perhaps… at least, going around it… veeery close. :wink:


(steve343) #7

sorry im out.

personal life is spiraling out of control need to take a break see u all in a few weeks

(bogbean) #8

Dr. Watson goes crazy…

This is a pure entry. All the models were made in Blender over the past couple of days. All the textures were made by me, except for the picture of Bill Gates and the rusty metal, which I got from the internet.
The dialog box was hacked together using PSP and stuck onto the picture afterwards.

(ScottishPig) #9

(Zweistein) #10

i am goint to do something for that, too


(pofo) #11

where can I get one ectizen?
I’m gonna need the autoloader. Just think of the possibilities! I could start the toaster from the waterproof phone in the shower.

  1. pofo

(LohnS) #12

etcizen…are you an aussie!?! i thought i was the only one =D.

Which state you in?

(ectizen) #13

NEO: I’m from Melbourne, although I must say I do like Adelaide - there’s no traffic, and your zoo has a pair of sloths! I once drove all night from Melbourne to the Adelaide zoo, had a look at the sloths, had lunch, and then drove back :smiley: Maybe a small Adelaide meet isn’t out of the question…

pofo: You have a PHONE in the SHOWER?! Holy crap! There IS a market for this junk! :o

(pofo) #14

Nah not really, but I know of someone who has :slight_smile:

I think he would be seriously interested in your toaster.

  1. pofo

(ectizen) #15

ScottishPig: As I write this, your entry excedes the file size limit. Also, is it Pure or Open?

darkbyrd: As I write this, it looks like you’re submitting the small image as your entry. The “Click to enlarge” combined with a mention below of a full size 30MB image suggest, to me at least, that the large vesion is going to be well over the size limits. Since it isn’t too big, perhaps you may want to submit a link to a page with the large version instead.

(darkbyrd) #16

Sorry for the confusion. The link from this page now points to the page with the image I am submitting. There is no longer the confusing ‘click to enlarge’