Challenge #4 Voting - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

This week’s theme: parodies

Pure Entries
ectizen[list:75e6b75b1f]Hey, check this out. It’s an ad I found in the latest issue of Australian Computer Magazine. Seriously, I think all this wireless internet stuff is getting out of hand…
Pure - nothing but blender :slight_smile:

bogbeanDr. Watson goes crazy…
This is a pure entry. All the models were made in Blender over the past couple of days. All the textures were made by me, except for the picture of Bill Gates and the rusty metal, which I got from the internet.
The dialog box was hacked together using PSP and stuck onto the picture afterwards.

ScottishPig Non-compliant size - 300kB Compliant size - 140kB

Open Entries
darkbyrd[list:75e6b75b1f]OPEN entry, made with lightwave 7, photoshop 7 used for some supporting images/maps. And don’t ask me who wins, that remains to be seen (does someone want to animate this?)

Good luck, everyone!

(blengine) #2

ouch, low turnout =( but great entries =)

(ScottishPig) #3

Aww poo- I forgot about that size limit thing

(LohnS) #4

just to let you know i’ve spent the last 10 min looking at all the entries and i still don’t know which to vote for, their all so good :o

(pofo) #5

Good job everyone :smiley:

Sorry I didn’t have time to finnish this weekend :frowning:

  1. pofo

(digitalSlav) #6

man i really need to get weekends off so i can join in the fun! alot of great works have been produced because of these contests! great job to everyone who has participated.

(ectizen) #7

I was quite hopeful for a while there, but at the close of the uncomfortably close voting, bogbean is the winner! Well done!

(bogbean) #8

Yay! I won!!!

I’d just like to thank all my friends and family for sticking by me through these difficult years. I’d like to give special thanks to my agent, my manager, and all the members of the team that pulled together to make this a success. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. You’re all wonderful, you really are. And finally I’d like to thank my pet goldfish, Albert, who inspired me to create this picture, and who kept me on track when I began to stray. Oh, and of course, you, the audience, without whom non of this would have been possible. Thankyou, each and every one of you, from the heart of my bottom! :wink:

(LohnS) #9

lol, well done every1, i also was going to enter with a battery operated battery charger, but alas the time wasn’t there and the modelling was hard =P.