Challenge #401 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Oops!

Pure Entries

when does voting close??


gregzaal: To answer your question posed in the entry submissions thread, my picture relates directly the theme of “oops” (as in an accident, mistake):

According to the myth, Tiresias accidentally stumbled upon Athena while she was bathing, and she blinded him as a result. Since she could not undo what she did, she gave him the gift of prophecy.

See here:


Ok cool thanks, it’s really good!

By default RobertT ought just post his inspirational link. I say this because I find it makes for an enjoyable & educational read, expands my horizons on something that I didn’t necessarily know about.

Hay rarebit, what’s the name of that bunny? I recognize him from somewhere.

Winner: RobertT with 37% of the votes



Wha Hooooo, it’s Friday already!!!

Congrats Mr T and a nice one for Nayshun…

hey but when will the next topic will b disclosed???
anyway congrats Robert :smiley:

Heh, so I guess the theme of Challenge #402 is nothing!