Challenge #404 (08/10/10) CLOSED

Theme #404 for 8 October 2010 is: Identity

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 11 October 2010.

Here is my entry. 100% done in 2.54.

Given Identity




My name is my identity.


My entry (open):
Title: Fading Identity


Just a quick idea I whipped up based on the theme. Open entry, as I’m using ManCandy as the main character.

My identity- the lock…

Title- Locked identity.

the lock on my door:

Liked the topic this week, but, unfortunately couldn’t give much time to it…
edit: Pure entry.


Here’s my non-participating entry, a silly little toon for fun :slight_smile:

Plight of the Solipsist

As always, pure Blender.


Afraid I didn’t have time to enter this one :frowning: but some great work so far! Abhiram’s lock especially!
Why does RobertT only do non-participating entries?? He’s amazing! Anyone enlighten me?? :slight_smile:

I think because the weekly topic is a great inspiration, but if you win, you pick the next topic. But he still shares what came of this week’s topic here, and it adds spice to the weekend challenges. Let us vote for one of yours soon, RobertT :smiley: