Challenge #409 (19/11/10) CLOSED

Theme #409 for 19 November 2010 is: Witch hunt

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 22 November 2010.

Stroppy Witch

You can enter it, but just for fun really, and nothing to do with my original sketch!
Yep, loads of issues, but that’s the stage…

Here’s my passive participating entry…“eye of the vigilante”

No heavy lifting here, just a few hours of work for inspiration. 100% Blender.
Alternate title…“If rarebit tries to go anywhere…”

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s wonderful entries.


I can see RT’s entry but wheres the one by Helix?

RT wishes! kidding…

Thanks, that’s quite a compliment, but it’s a far cry IMO.

I can see RT’s entry but wheres the one by Helix?

I must agree with rarebit. That is seriously cool HELIX :yes:

Placeholder, this should be fun :smiley:

Good to see you back amongst the living, Martin. :slight_smile:

Hello! Here’s my entry :smiley:

Title: Captured

Pure. Blender 2.55


Full size ------>
Thumb ------>

Good luck to all :smiley: Happy blending!

Thanks Robo, and talk about seriously cool…that’s awesome!

Very nice Robo…
It instantly made me think of a book I read on holiday this summer, called Capacity.

Thanks HELIX and rarebit, glad you like the render. Cool looking book :slight_smile:

I just read the reviews of the book, hmm, never knew it was two of three, the only one in the charity shop of any hope. (never even heard of cyber punk, even though I ask every time I go in!!!)

I have since seen certain bits stolen by the latest series of Doctor Who, so it may have been spring holiday, but that’s the beauty of having relatives with a caravan…

But Helix, I ain’t goin nowhere soon, moving soooo slow, new topic, didn’t really start 'till last night and I still need to rig a full character including fingers, then now I realise how do I do the expression I want without ears! (fingernails, eyelids / lashes, boot laces…) and the rest!

“Witch Hunt”

Pure in Blender 2.49b, some textures from, GIMP.

Link to the image:
Link to thumbnail:


Now we have a competition! I was afraid the topic would be too challenging, or limiting, or unappealing, or whatever. I’m glad to see it inspired such nice works so far.

Nice one REiKo!

I feel your pain rarebit…you’re brave for even attempting. My approach is usually…no ears, no fingers, no character, no problem. I should practice more.

Very nice entries!

Here is my non-competing image:

Was It the Right Witch?

Blender 2.49.


Well done RobertT! And no, it wasn’t the right witch. Honest mistake if you melted her before technicolor…my pretty.

I’ve found my lame excuse for having no entry… RT has done away with my Williomena! Grrr…

Nice tho’ lad!

What do you mean no entry rarebit? That is great! And it gave me a giggle.