Challenge #41 Entries (14/03/03) CLOSED

Theme #41 for 14 March 2003 is: WeirdHat

Entries closes at 2300 GMT Monday, 17 March 2003.


I’ll be entering this one for sure. :smiley:

He he… That’s very funny!

lol i can forsee this being a good laugh

cool i think i’m going to join this one.
i’m only a newbie but what the heck.

on what point are the entries chosen.
overal difficulty of the scene or just the fact that it looks good. (or looks like the perfect weirdhat in this case)

people vote on whatever they want, so there is no specific thing to try and do.

I might enter, but nothing major.

well my entry is done, i just have no site to upload to. any ideas?

both will let you upload an image for the contest

OK - stupid hat coming right up.

I know - it was weird hat contest not a [email protected]#&ing stupid hat contest, but as I’m still just trying to learn some modelling basics I thought I’d give it a go.

Those ridiculous looking planes are my first attempt at modelling with subsurfs.

Edit: Updated to include some texturing.

I think I’m in on this one… Here goes…

Here’s the hat:

Oh. Pure, but rendered in Yafray and the writings done in The Gimp.

My first WC…
(Click 4 a LaRgEr image)

I kinda know it doesnt look like a hat, but just use ur imagination okay =D


here’s my entry.
it’s a pure blender piece. (except for the obvious text+pimp daddy guy)

This is the final weird hat. (aka pimp hat)

inspired by a S*P cartoon.
the inspiration

Well good luck to you all, and may the best weird hat win :slight_smile:

the weird hats in the middle if u didnt notice URL here :

Who knows what kind of stupid garbage will be the next fashion crazy. My prediction is that it’ll be decapitated human heads :smiley:

sorry about the window that pops up and trys to install Gator (spyware I believe), but I’m somewhat vain when it comes to my urls.

This is my first WC, and my first post on elysiun (despite the fact that I’ve had this account since last may… goes to show how lazy I can be :-|)


from what I know, mr WeirdHat is into language. so, here is the infamous “The Mystic Hat Of Communication”. !!
it’s pure blender, only procedurals, not participating entry. :slight_smile:


i didn’t get much time this weekend, hehe :smiley:
Pic Here
My first toon shaded entry. I didn’t have time to work on an entry, but i wanted to be a part of the contest. Solution: make something crap!

lol too right ur not participating lol i finally created a ahalf decent image and u come along and out class me lol go work on your android lol

My oh my, ur having fun…LOL, anyway…will there be a poll or sommit … for the winners?? this is mehh first WC…sooooooowww… +D

Hope I made it in time… not that I’ll win…
Full Size

As pure as it gets…

From what I’ve seen of the young gentleman’s work, this seems appropriate enough…
Click for Larger Version

Pure, 100% Blender except for the textures.