Challenge #41 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: WeirdHat

Pure Entries

I know - it was weird hat contest not a f@#&ing stupid hat contest, but as I’m still just trying to learn some modelling basics I thought I’d give it a go.

Those ridiculous looking planes are my first attempt at modelling with subsurfs.

Edit: Updated to include some texturing.

I kinda know it doesnt look like a hat, but just use ur imagination okay =D

This is the final weird hat. (aka pimp hat)

inspired by a S*P cartoon.
the inspiration

the weird hats in the middle if u didnt notice

Who knows what kind of stupid garbage will be the next fashion crazy. My prediction is that it’ll be decapitated human heads

My first toon shaded entry. I didn’t have time to work on an entry, but i wanted to be a part of the contest. Solution: make something crap!

Hope I made it in time… not that I’ll win…

From what I’ve seen of the young gentleman’s work, this seems appropriate enough…

Open Entries

Oh. Pure, but rendered in Yafray and the writings done in The Gimp.


Entries Not Participating

from what I know, mr WeirdHat is into language. so, here is the infamous “The Mystic Hat Of Communication”. !!


Bischofftep got my vote, very nice pic, blends very well into the background.

For once i’ve got no votes and i know why :smiley:

Can’t see metalmesoly’s entry… since it’s got 3 votes so far, I assume it’s not bad…

Unfortunately, the little red “x” really doesn’t do it justice…

cant see it??? strange…

try clicking on the url… can u see that?.. Grrr…!

Sorry, firewall at work doesn’t let through port 8080… my bad… would probably have voted for you otherwise.

(thnx to whoever voted for me!)

no man, u cant vote if u haven’t seen the pic, that’s un-fair…

/me votes for Caleb. That was one exceptionally weird hat, man!

why is basse not participatin??

He won last week and chose this topic.


ahhhh…that’s what I thought…but I was too lasy to go check :p…

Gee thanks. Myself, I voted for metalmesoloy. I personally think it out-weirded mine quite easily. :smiley:

I think these Weekend Challenges are a great way for me to practise the skills I don’t have. :wink:

I agree! (Um, not that you don’t have skills… that these are great practice. Just thought I’d be clear on that. :wink: )

The range of topics stretches one’s abilities by making you model things that are outside your “comfort zone.” For me, modeling fabric of any kind is a new thing, so this was a big challenge.

That and I’m learning a LOT about the UV texturing engine in Blender!


Oh! I’m actually getting votes this time!

P.S. Is the reason I’m open because I used Yafray?



Sorry, bunches of polys do not overawe me.

Stratos made me laugh, and thats worth a thousand subdivides.

Winner with 28% of the votes: Bischofftep